BMW 1 Series Coupé Rental

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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine3.0 L I6
  • BHP230
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)6.7
  • Top speed210km/h

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€120/Per Day
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BMW 1 Series Coupé hire

By Brittany Nue
BMW 1 Series rentals are extremely popular, due to their small size, great looks and affordable prices. The 1 Series two-door coupé and cabrio family cars have won critical acclaim, and are often described as 'a return of BMW to its roots'. This is the only car in its class that offers rear-wheel drive with 50:50 weight balance and high-performance engines. Our BMW 1 Series rental fleet features the 128i Coupe and 135i Cabrio, which were both redesigned in 2007 for increased performance, fuel economy and lower emissions. Hire a BMW 1 Series Coupé if you want to drive BMW's second-best selling automobile and an extremely popular European rental choice.

Europe Rental Locations

Online car rental does not have to be an impersonal transaction. Our exclusive meet and greet service takes care of all your needs when it comes to delivering your car rental at the airport or at the location of your choice. Rent a BMW 1 Series Coupe and let us sprinkle the rose petals as you get on your way towards Jardins du Luxembourg in France. In Verona, Italy, stroll around the Giardini di Giusti one of the finest examples of an Italian garden. Visit the English Garden in Munich and walk, swim and sip beer like locals do in Germany. Stroll around the Park of Retiro in Spain and see the Crystal Palace. Book your BMW today, magnificent gardens await you.

BMW info

Our European BMW rental fleet showcases the diversity of the BMW luxury and performance vehicle selection. People who regularly drive BMWs or are accustomed to rent a BMW will tell you that it is the engine that truly sets these cars apart from the competition. BMW started as an aircraft engine manufacturer and then switched to motorcycle and car engines, all the while emphasizing performance, durability and safety in all their products. Try renting the super-fast BMW M Sports models for fast thrills, hire a BMW X5 or X6 SUVs for your family vacation, or rent one of the BMW executive models for your business trip. A BMW rental has you covered no matter what your goal is, and our team will be more than happy to help you choose the right BMW for you.
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