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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine8L W16 Turbo
  • BHP987
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)2.3
  • Top speed407.5 km/h

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Bugatti Veyron hire

By Brittany Nue

The Bugatti Veyron is the world's fastest street-legal production roadster - an astonishing feat of engineering and design. The "automotive annihilation for all other supercars" according to BBC’s Top Gear and owned by celebrities such as Ralph Lauren, this car signifies the Bugatti brand’s successful return to producing the world’s most desirable luxury cars.

The roofless Super Sport version of the Bugatti Veyron costs around 1.5 million dollars to buy. Named after the Bugatti Company race driver Pierre Veyron, winner of the 1939 Hours of Le Mans, this 2-passenger coupe features an 8-liter quad-turbocharged and intercooled W-16 engine, with a total of 64 valves, which produce 1,200 horsepower. The Super Sport version has broken Guinness track records at 431 km per hour, whilst the production version of the Super Sport is electronically limited to 407.5 km/h in order to protect the tires. It can reach 100 km in 2.3 seconds and is capable of stopping to a standstill from the speed of 100 km/hour in only 31.4 meters.

In addition to its incredible speed, the Veyron Super Sport is equipped with an Electronic Stability Program, based on F1 technology, and can be driven in manual or semi-automatic mode using its specially developed 7-speed twin-clutch direct shift gearbox. Completing the luxurious driving experience are the Burmester sound system, detailed leather interior and digital wireless command board, similar to those found on a jet plane.

Europe Rental Locations

Rent a Bugatti Veyron, the world's fastest street-legal production roadster, and be a witness of its racing counterparts. See Formula 1 cars take on the bends and twists of Monte Carlo in the Monaco Grand Prix. Race alongside furious bulls in San Fermin’s Run of the Bulls in Spain. Watch cyclists pedal through mountainous terrain and charming villages to finish victorious on Champs Elysees during the Tour de France. Tour the Ferrari factory in Italy and visit the Fiorano Circuit, where the Italian sports cars are developed and tested.

Bugatti info

Some names have such a power, their legend never dies out. Bugatti is one such brand! Bugatti is currently one of the most successful brands ever to be resurrected, presenting the Guinness record breaking Veyron, owned by David Beckham and Jay Z. Bugatti was established in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti, in Molsheim, Alsace. The Italian born Bugatti combined an artistic sensibility with advanced technology to design the fastest luxury cars of his time. The factory shut down five years after his death in 1952, but the name of Bugatti and his legacy continue to live on. After some Bugatti models were produced sporadically during the 1950's -1970's, and an attempt to revive the firm during the late 80's-early 90's failed, Volkswagen purchased the brand in 1998, and has since triumphantly launched the Bugatti Veyron – the world's fastest supercar. The Veyron was launched in 2005 and has until 2013 sold 390 cars for around 1.5 million dollars each, including the Grand Sport roofless edition and Super Sport, and is currently developing a replacement model. Bugatti once more is a name synonymous with beauty fused with breathtaking speed.
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