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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine4.5 L V8
  • BHP623
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)3.0
  • Top speed330km/h

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€1000/Per Day
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Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design hire

By Ethan Hews

We at Europe Luxury Car Hire take pride in offering our clients unique, one-of-a-kind luxury driving experiences, which is why we are proud to present you with the opportunity to rent the Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design limited edition. This is a true gem that shines bright amidst our already brilliant, exotic and exclusive car rental fleet. Take the Ferrari 458 Italia, an amazingly prestigious and exotic Italian supercar in its own right, and imagine it were tuned-up by british tuners Oakley Design. What you get is the Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design, which comes in a very limited edition. Standing out amongst Ferrari sports cars is a difficult task to accomplish, but this fine-tuned Oakley edition Ferrari does just that with an upgraded front spoiler lip (increasing the down-force by 45kg), a light-weight rear diffuser, an all-new rear spoiler, roof cover, mirrors and engine covers – all made of carbon fiber for even faster acceleration, improved weight and fantastic looks. The revised ECU and bigger air-intake box make the engine produce 623 BHP, compared to 570 BHP in the non-Oakley Ferrari 458 Italia. There are currently less than 10 Oakley editions of the Ferrari 458 in the world, so be sure to contact us and book your rental in advance.

Rental Locations

Limited editions are synonymous of luxury and prestige and our car rental company understands that. That is why our line of luxury vehicles includes the Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design. Zoom out of Milan airport in Italy and while stocking up on the latest fashion garments, make the Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design your most fabulous accessory. Whether you are shopping in Paris, France for straight off the runway haute couture or in Spain for locals-made-famous designer clothes, the Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design has enough space to hold all of your shopping bags.


A Ferrari rental is perhaps the ultimate exotic driving experience. Unless you're already a lucky owner of one, renting a Ferrari is a great way to test-drive these modern works of art. Ferraris are heavily associated with racing, due not only to their amazing speed but also because of their continual success in Formula One. Next time you're traveling in Europe and you feel the need for speed, try a Ferrari hire. Their unique style and sexy design has helped make them landmarks both in pop culture and in the automotive world. Ask Europe Luxury Car Hire about our Ferrari track days and other special deals such as a Lamborghini Plus Ferrari rental combo. Our Ferrari rental fleet includes the following models: Ferrari F430 F1 Spider, Ferrari 360 F1, Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio, Ferrari 458, Ferrari F430 F1 and more.
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