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The Legacy Still Unravels

By Ethan Hews

In a stunning tour of beauty, culture, food and wine, go off road through the mountainous regions of Europe to discover a world largely untouched and utterly inspiring. For the occasion hire the Hummer in Europe, as it is possibly the only 4WD on the market that has all the brute force necessary to get you to the world’s edge.

In a world of remarkable landscapes, sensational artistry scrumptious food and award winning wines, Italy never ceases to excite the senses. From within the interior of the Hummer H3X set off to Milan. The H3X is an SUV that takes its inspiration from the cosmopolitan city in its strong and angular build and yet its inherent character is only realised on wild and untamed off road terrain. Bold, uncompromising it gets onlookers to do a double take, wherever you’re heading. Explore Italy’s north and discover a world steeped in its fascinating history, laced with pristine lakes, interspersed with canals and characterised by its legacies that read like a shakespearian story.

In a drive of the Hummer H2 arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport and set off to the countryside mountain paths that lie beyond Paris. In the regions of Centre-Val de Loire, Poitou-Charentes Burgundy, Limousin and Auvergne, these areas are known for their agriculture and viniculture, situated amongst river valley's, chateaux and historic towns. Enjoy a scrumptious meal of traditional French fare such as Cassoulet or Raclette and a Loire Valley white wine. For the occasion hire the Hummer H2 and enjoy its many confidence-inspiring features, such as the Panic Brake Assist and StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System, both which prove once again, that safety is paramount.

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Hummer H2

Rent Hummer H2 in Europe

The Hummer H2 rules both on the streets and in off-road action. Rent a Hummer H2 and you can enjoy sheer power in luxury form

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Hummer H3

Limited AvailabilityRent Hummer H3 in Europe

Hire a Hummer H3 for easier city driving and parking than the H2. You will still enjoy the same 4x4 power and safety

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