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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine3.7 L I5
  • BHP239
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)8
  • Top speed159km/h

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Hummer H3 hire

By Ethan Hews
The H3 is the smallest of all Hummer models, which still leaves it plenty of room to be a big, strong, mid-size SUV 4x4 rental. Hummer H3 rentals are therefore very safe and spacious, but are easier to park and handle in inner-city driving. As you would expect from a car that was originally designed for military use, the Hummer H3 has superb handling and can get around virtually any obstacle in any conditions with its electronically controlled full-time 4WD system. It features a 3.7 L Straight-5 engine and can reach up to 159 km/h. Hire a Hummer H3 and you will enjoy top safety and superb handling capabilities with true luxury style – a fitting choice for our VIP protection or chauffeur service.

Europe Rental Locations

Check our super competitive car rental prices in our easy to use online car hire system and set off to a great vacation. Hire the muscular, prestigious and eye-catching Hummer H3 at any of our locations in Germany or Spain and hit the road on a countryside adventure. Let our exclusive car rental service personnel deliver you the car rental of your choice at your hotel in Italy and drive back in time to the Roman Empire during a tour of Rome or cruise through the Renaissance in Florence. Get ready to face the mountain on a winter holiday escapade in France and visit Chamonix ski resort aboard the fabulous Hummer H3.

Hummer info

If you're looking for a display of both luxury and power, a Hummer rental is the natural choice for your next vacation. Rent a Hummer and you can fit your entire entourage into one big 4x4 vehicle that commands the road like no other car. Hire a Hummer for adventurous off-road action in Europe or the the deserts of the UAE, as it was originally designed for military use. A Hummer also has the interior of a luxury car, and a demanding presence that gives you VIP attention. Renting a Hummer is a great way to arrive at a high-end club and cut right into the VIP entrance.

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