Jaguar XF Rental

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine2 L
  • BHP280
  • 0-100 km8.7 sec
  • Top speed229 km/h

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Gerald Jeitler
“Anytime Again"

A very good experience. the relation costs/performance is very good. don´t have to spend time on...

Faisal Al Sharqi
“Excellent Service"

I really liked the service and the car. I would love to deal with your company...

Richard Dermody
“Outstand, Excellent....Thank you"

I normally only deal with the luxury collections from the two 'major' car rental companies. However,...

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Jaguar XF info

In a statement of power and refined elegance, the Jaguar XF deftly glides along the highway, standing out from the crowd wherever it goes. Improving on perfection, the team at Jaguar have managed to take their most award winning car and imbue with even more features and inherent capability. Remodelled and kept afresh it offers drivers an unrivaled combination of performance and elegance. Beauty and power, rolled into one.

In highly enviable fashion, the Jaguar XF offers drivers a highly seductive blend of motoring design style and driving dynamics for a ride that is in equal parts efficient and exciting. A suite of built-in and highly advanced technologies ensure that both drivers and passengers alike are kept safe, connected and entertained in every drive.

Lightweight and responsive, the aluminium architecture, imbues the XF with satisfying efficiency at minimal fuel consumption. With impressive pinnacles of achievement, the XF boasts fuel emissions that are as low as 104 g/km. But it’s the lightweight front double wishbone and rear integral Link suspension ensures that every drive is exceptionally comfortable and that efficiency doesn’t come at a compromise on road handling.

There is no reason why you can not be engaged, entertained or busy at work whilst a passenger en-route in the Jaguar XF with the luxury car’s state-of-the-art infotainment system, InControl Touch. Using the most progressive technology the infotainment system is fast, has a contemporary graphical interface and is seamlessly integrated into other aspects of the car. Responsive and satisfyingly intuitive, Jaguar offers its passengers systems that will immeasurably enhance your drive.

The design of the Jaguar XF represents a pinnacle of luxurious prowess, both inside and out, While the exterior is comprised of a smooth aluminium silhouette that appears as though it was shaped by the wind itself, the interior is an oasis of luxurious refinement. A place where quality materials are delicately embroidered into a design that immerses the car’s travellers into all-encompassing comfort. Classic and yet contemporary, the interior design of the Jaguar XF is evocatively elegant as it is a demonstration of quality craftsmanship. A step inside the XF brings you into an atmosphere of relaxed refinement, even if you have got nowhere to go.

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