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Passionate Heart, Fearless Soul

By Nicole Harris

Visiting Europe is like dating a new lover, enthralling at first glance and then continually revealing more of their charms the longer you spend getting to know them. A romantic tour of Europe, begins and ends in a Koenigsegg, rent the Koenigsegg in Europe and take to the road driven with passion. The Koenigsegg is nothing less than an evocative car, sure its distinct style is detectable from a glance, but riding from behind the wheel of one of these beasts is something unique all together.

From Madrid have the Koenigsegg Agera RS delivered to you at Barajas International Airport. Spain is a passionate country filled with escapism, bursting with enthusiasm, and dancing to an al fresco flamenco rhythm with an intimate beat of its own. So, with your own partner in hand, slip inside the Agera and take to the road, travel into the soul of undiscovered Spain, its historic villages, buzzing cities and untouched beaches. With so many luxurious options in terms of hotels, restaurants and boutique shops, this is time to surrender to temptations.

In a drive of the Koenigsegg Agera travel the width and depth of Italy, France, Germany and all of Europe’s great countries. The Agera RS pushes the boundaries as it takes the Supercar to new levels of performance. While its inspiration comes entirely from the race track, it has been modified so that it can be used for regular road use, be it Germany’s Autobahn, France’s Autoroute or Italy’s Autostrade. Using advanced technology developed during an exclusive Koenigsegg One:1 program, it takes functionality to a completely new platform. A Koenigsegg Rental in Europe is for those passionate at heart and fearless at soul.

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Koenigsegg Agera

Rent Koenigsegg Agera in Europe

The Agera One:1 uses the latest technological innovations, such as 3D printed engine parts, making it the world’s first megacar

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