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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine4.8L V10
  • BHP553
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)3.8
  • Top speed325 km/h

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Lexus LFA hire

By Ethan Hews

The Lexus LFA offers incredible performance in a compact size supercar. With driver- focused innovation, the Lexus LFA has redefined the modern supercar.

A 2 seater featuring innovative high performance thanks to its V8 Formula 1 inspired engine, aerodynamic refinement, and a carbon-fiber and aluminum body structure to reduce its weight and increase structural rigidity, the LFA is a car that handles, steers and brakes with incredible poise. Inside the LFA, the driver sits as close to the center of the vehicle as possible, providing extraordinary levels of feel and control.

With the refinement of the LFA’s elements done while competing in the endurance races on the legendary Nürburgring course and only 500 LFA models ever assembled all by hand, this stunning vehicle surely delivers elegance and finesse.

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