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Audi R8 Coupe
Audi R8 Coupe
Audi has just kindly graced the world with its next version of the R8. A superb vehicle, that although is not going to arrive in anyone’s garage anytime before 2016, has already gotten a lot of people talking. Yet, while the specs certainly look good, it’s the intimate experience with the car that meets the precise point of curiosity. We therefore recruited Luxuria’s own, in-house automotive experts to give us the low down of their experience getting acquainted with the new Audi R8.
Scott Jawns
Jan 06, 2016


Everyone at Europe Luxury Car Hire, from the marketing team to the sales crew has been trying to figure out what is it about the Audi R8 that has clients requesting it more than any other car in our line. To try to figure out why, we asked some of our R8 aficionados who have rented the R8 both in Spyder and Coupe model, and the reasons are nothing less than surprising.
Scott Jawns
Aug 31, 2015
Head out into the open countryside of Germany when you rent a luxury Audi R8 from Berlin. Drive your high-powered sports car on the Autobahn, through the city of Berlin or to any of the neighboring villages for a fun-filled summer vacation. With your elite Audi rental, all of Germany is your playground; filled with adventure and thrills sure to excite.
Ethan Hews
Mar 05, 2018
Chase the sun with your Audi S5 Cabriolet as you take a 2-day cruise around Paris and the countryside. Explore the Champagne region learning how the beverage is made before jetting off to the coast for a magnificent sunset view. Follow along and see how to spend a 2-day journey navigating the parks and quaint towns only a few hours from Paris.
Scott Jawns
Jun 19, 2017


Charming in spirit and rebellious in nature, the Audi makes for a provocative travelling partner, as you take on some of the best scenic routes across the continent of Europe. Luxuria Magazine with its focus on the travel industry and luxury lifestyle brings you the latest and most interesting articles from the house of the interlinked silver rings.

The Audi is known for its high performance capabilities, quality materials and stunning finishes, follow our writers as they compare notes between Audi’s top model cars. From the stylish TT sports car, the ultra fast R8 supercar and the high performance, family focused Q7 SUV. Our writers dig deep to find out what is it about the Audi R8, that continually seems to bring smiles to people’s faces, and it appears it’s a case of more than just the specs of the high performing vehicle. Take a tour through the Audi Museum, located in Germany, this state-of-the-art museum gives a fascinating account on the history of the luxury marque, from its most radical models to a chronology of the company’s global expansion. These are the read-ups you just don’t want to miss. 

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