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Germany may well be universally acknowledged as a nation where proprietary, efficiency and pragmatism rule the day. In this light, Munich can often appear as a solitary outpost of chaotic creativity. In the case where “imagination is the only weapon we have in the war against the hum-drum of reality”, I’m glad to report this battle front is alive and well in the city of Munich. Munich abounds in almost countless venues where you can easily combat any sense of the expected and predictable.
Brittany Nue
Mar 01, 2016


Courtesy of
The strange case of the BMW i8 is well documented and highly thrilling. In the shadows of the London underworld Ethan Hews has direct exposure to the dual personality of this supercar. Built with a powertrain that simultaneously draws energy from an electric engine at the front axle and a petrol engine located in the rear, it possesses an irresistibly complex character. A disorder shared by the infamous Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde who coincidentally prowled the same streets of London as I did.
Ethan Hews
Aug 19, 2015


The BMW is the iconic car that marks success. Leagues ahead in the race towards implementing the most advanced technologies in the automotive industry and utilising the most refined quality materials, the BMW is the successful person’s choice of vehicle. Luxuria Magazine takes a dedicated interest in BMW as it seeks to introduce to its readers the most innovative technology and ingenuitive ways of enhancing the luxury driving experience. Don’t be shy in flaunting your achievements, take a drive in a BMW.

Whilst satirically known as the car that is “Beyond My Wallet”, our writers recommend the best scenic trips to be taken across Europe aboard a BMW rental. Hiring a BMW provides the opportunity for many more of the brand’s dedicated enthusiasts, to experience first hand what it feels like to drive a high performance and prestigious vehicle. Get the low down on the pure electric i3 and the hybrid i8 supercar, where BMW have combined innovative technology with inherent practically to two magnificent ends. We take a look into the BMW M series and compare notes of models in this exquisite range, be it the M6 coupé to the M3 sedan and the SUV X5 M, this suite of vehicle just does not fail to impress.

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