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Possessing a design that is intended to represent the ultimate in automotive luxury, the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 has both hot and cool elements, leaving you feeling desirous throughout. The “hot” elements refer to the sensual and emotional design, while the “cool” elements refer to the car’s technological intelligence. Leaving no battery cylinder or etch of fabric untouched, the Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 is pushing forward the frontiers of automotive luxury on every score.
Ethan Hews
Aug 28, 2016


The science behind the Quant F's mechanical engineering really make this electric vehicle stand out. It’s hard not to admire the achievement by NanoFlowcell towards making an environmentally green, pure emission-free car that is super powerful and super-fast. Whilst, the unusual refuelling creates a difficult boundary towards mass production, at the same time, it's the fuel source of this car that really captures our imagination.
Ethan Hews
Apr 02, 2015
In the first of a three part series, Luxuria magazine will unpack the best and the most exciting electric/hybrid cars that are expected to revolutionise the automotive luxury car industry. Ethan Hews begins with Tesla’ s Model S.
Ethan Hews
Mar 02, 2015
It’s true. People lose their hearts whilst driving along the winding roads that hug the cliff side of the Amalfi coast. Our primary case study involves a young lady, who travelled along the Amalfi coast and has since reported having lost her heart there. With a retinue of primary evidence that includes photographs, a stunning sun lit tan and a perpetual smile on her face, the case is now officially closed.
Ethan Hews
Aug 02, 2016
Courtesy of
The strange case of the BMW i8 is well documented and highly thrilling. In the shadows of the London underworld Ethan Hews has direct exposure to the dual personality of this supercar. Built with a powertrain that simultaneously draws energy from an electric engine at the front axle and a petrol engine located in the rear, it possesses an irresistibly complex character. A disorder shared by the infamous Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde who coincidentally prowled the same streets of London as I did.
Ethan Hews
Aug 19, 2015
Copyright: Anton Balazh/ Shutterstock
2016 seems to herald a great variety of green cars that are now on the market with different features, technologies and designs. Ready to be scooped up as they appeal in unique ways to every whim and fancy. Check out our favourite top three green cars that we expect will continue on this path of shaking up the automotive world, and do so in fantastic fashion.
Ethan Hews
Jan 13, 2016
The luxury all-electric vehicle market has pretty much belonged to Tesla for the past several years, however, all signs suggest that Tesla will soon have to share the spotlight. Many automakers are looking to venture into the EV market and our favorite runner-up is the Porsche Mission E. Unveiled at the 66th motorshow in Frankfurt last month, the Mission E is set to inspire a production car within the next three years.
Ethan Hews
Oct 02, 2015

Electric Cars

The car of tomorrow has arrived, are you ready for it? In the Electric/Hybrid cars section of Luxuria Magazine, we take a look into the most exciting innovations that are being made in this highly exciting vehicle segment. It appears that the move towards making the world’s roads and motorways greener and cleaner seems to have caught the fascination and inspiration of all the leading luxury car manufacturers. From the BMW i3 and i8 to the Audi e-tron and the Mercedes B-class electric drive. Our motorways are headed for better places and it’s one that we are keen to follow up.

Read our articles on the automotive phenomenon that is the Tesla Model S, a pure electric car that can be powered up to pursue a horizon more than 500 km away, it is the first of its kind to achieve such a triumph. Forging a path for all electric cars, we keep a close eye on the Model S and its younger brother the Model X SUV. We follow up on the genius behind the NanoFlowcell AG Quant F, there is no denying that the fuel cell battery that drives this ultra stylish and powerful supercar is highly impressive. Yet, our fascination with electric technology does not end there as we take a step into the i-division at BMW, who are proudly boasting their all electric i3 city zipper and the hybrid i8 supercar. Drive, drive fast and drive without a conscience.

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