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It’s around this time of year that your last summer vacation begins to feel like a long lost dream. Now is the time to take that tranquil weekend getaway, immerse yourself in the beautiful colours of autumn, under a soft warm sunlight to revitalise and rejuvenate. Here is our top 3 European destinations, to do just that.
Nicole Harris
Nov 02, 2015


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For the scenic pleasure, the automotive delight or the escape from mundane life, five of our clients give us their personal account on their most favourite drives. The reasons for the drive tend to be as vast as the cars they select and the locations they set out to explore. Yet what they do have in common, is that a luxury car that chases the breeze on Europe’s most picturesque mountain passeses never ceases to capture their avid fascination.
Brittany Nue
May 03, 2016
In that once-in-a-lifetime and couldn’t-believe-this-actually-happens scenario, I came into a windfall of 80,000€ that I was tasked to spend in a journey from Munich to Florence. At first blush that doesn’t seem too hard, I mean this neck of the European woods is afterall not known for its humble and meagre lifestyle. But then on second glance with a reading of the conditions attached, I quickly realised that expiring 80K on a road of over 800 km may become a considerable challenge.
Ethan Hews
Jul 01, 2016
Surprising as it may sound, cabrios work well not only in the summer months, but during winter and spring as well. Sharpen your senses as you drive a cabrio through the European winter - you can see, smell and feel the road with an unparalleled driving experience. Here are some tips for coping with winter in a cabrio, come rain, snow or shine, as well as six popular cabriolet choices for your winter getaway.
Brittany Nue
Feb 27, 2017
When you can’t go over it and you can’t go under it, You’ve got to go through it!”.By that we mean boring through kilometers and kilometers of hard rock and granite to build some of the longest road tunnels in Europe, if not the world. Here is a quick list of our favourite road tunnels in Europe that are nothing short of sensational to drive through in a ravishing sports car, where the sound of the engine reverberates with acoustic drama off the walls.
Scott Jawns
Jul 06, 2016
Everyone at Europe Luxury Car Hire, from the marketing team to the sales crew has been trying to figure out what is it about the Audi R8 that has clients requesting it more than any other car in our line. To try to figure out why, we asked some of our R8 aficionados who have rented the R8 both in Spyder and Coupe model, and the reasons are nothing less than surprising.
Scott Jawns
Aug 31, 2015
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Going to the beach should be all about the serenity, soaking up the sunshine, relishing the expanse of clear blue skies and relaxing, letting time just wash by. The problem is when it’s not all these things, but filled with throngs of crowds, with too much noise and not enough space. Here is our list of Europe’s most secretive, and not coincidentally most beautiful beaches. To ensure that your visit to the sea side continues to be as serene and relaxing as it should be.
Nicole Harris
Apr 28, 2016
Have you planned your summer holiday yet? Why not consider planning another one? After all, life is short, the summer is long, the time is ripe and the warm summer weather is just begging to bring you outside. With some sensational summer deals on hiring luxury cars in tourist cities across Europe, it’s difficult to find a reason not to go. Put those Ferragamo driving shoes on and let’s hit the road.
Ethan Hews
Jul 06, 2015
Combine romance and exotic fast cars for the ultimate holiday experience! Paris the City of Love, awaits. Nestling under the imposing Eiffel Tower she is waiting for you to discover her in a bold red Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. This stunning car offers curvaceous sleek lines, creating a perfect balance of sportiness and elegance. Rent a fabulous eye-candy Ferrari F430 Spider in Rome or an exclusive Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design in Montreux of Switzerland which will enchant with its luxury chalets, classically refined restaurants and fabulous views.
Nicole Harris
Jun 06, 2016
A motorbike journey through the back street roads of Southern Europe is most definitely an experience for the bucket list. With the most beautiful scenery of wildlife, little towns and villages that dot the way and the beer tap that’s pouring at local taverns surrounded by friendly locals who love nothing more than a good yarn or two. We’re planning the epic motorbike trip through France and Italy. This is going to be all about you and the road and the big wide open.
Nicole Harris
Dec 16, 2015


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