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Leaves are Falling, Autumn is Calling

Nov 02, 2015

It’s around this time of year that your last summer vacation begins to feel like a long lost dream. Like most of us, you are probably well into the full swing of everyday life; be it tasks, work deadlines, school lunches and a scary bucketful of emails in your inbox. Remember, it’s important to take time off for yourself so that you don’t start to feel overwhelmed and then, even worse, burnt out. Over a tranquil weekend getaway, immerse yourself in the beautiful colours of autumn, under a soft warm sunlight to revitalise and rejuvenate.  Here is our top 3 European destinations, to do just that.

Spain, Castilla y León

Lush, green and utterly enticing Castilla y Leon is a northwestern region of Spain.  Known for its wooded and mountainous terrain, the region comes to life in the autumn season. For the perfect weekend escape arrive at Madrid Airport and pick up a sleek and stylish sports car, be it the Aston Martin Rapide or the Mercedes SLK Class. From there, a drive of just a few hours will find you in the heart of this wild escape from the city’s humdrum. Experience the increasingly popular opportunity of rural tourism to explore the cultural authenticity of the region. Tours are available throughout the autumn period to talk to the people, discover their customs and learn about the millennia old cultural and environmental heritage of Castilla y León. But, perhaps most exciting is to experience the wealth of gastronomy on offer. Autumn is the season of when wild mushrooms come to harvest. Get your taste buds around tapas and raciones, that have used mushrooms as the theme ingredient by grilling, roasting and deep frying these local delicacies.

Castilla y León, Spain

France, The Luberon

Nestled into the mountains just north of Marseille, the Luberon manages time and again to steal your sense of wonder. Villages of earthy stone buildings and bright coloured shutters, dot the region that is almost entirely made up of forests, vineyards and lavender fields. From Marseille, hire an SUV that has all the requisite power and athleticism to head up the winding and twisting mountain hills to arrive at the Luberon Massif. Within the confines of the Range Rover Sport or the Lexus RX, there is all the space necessary to bring your closest and dearest, be it family or friends. Autumn is perhaps the most enjoyable season of the year as the region becomes entirely enchanting with its lingering warm days and grape harvest. Travel through hills of purple lavender and sage and settle by evening over a dining table offering a sumptuous mediterranean cuisine. Around this neck of the woods, wines always accompany a meal, and with their excellent quality you would hope so too. So, choose between an aromatic red or a refreshing white as you watch another sunset claim the night.

The Luberon, France

Italy, Sicily

Sicily, you know that triangular ball that the boot of Italy is attempting to kick across the globe? Well that oddly shaped ball might never bounce, but it happens to make an entirely fantastic long weekender. Under a paradise of clear blue skies and between lush green scenery, explore the home of great Mediterranean civilizations, with some of the most amazing Roman and Greek ruins still standing. Yet even if you’re not a history buff, there are a lot of extreme sports activities to choose from, such as skiing down the side of active volcanoes over powdered ash, cycles tours that will cut through nature or perhaps dive into a dark cobalt blue ocean. From behind the racing wheel of a Ferrari or Maserati convertible, drive to  Taormina to see Sicily’s legendary and most stunning resort town. Walk through twisting medieval streets, see a second century Greek theater and enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Sicily in the autumn from the ancient steps of the St Joseph Church.

Italy, Sicily

Castilla y León, The Luberon and Sicily. They are really just 3 good reasons to take a city break this autumn.

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