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Best Bet: Safest Luxury Cars for 2016

Jan 18, 2016

The well regarded automotive industry expert, Kelley Blue Book has just released its ‘Best Safety Rated Sedans of 2016’. The list prioritised features such as crash test rating, EPA estimates and consumer ratings gathered through the KBB website. Out of the 42 cars granted this status by KBB, we have shortlisted this to best luxury safety cars of 2016, offering both top tier safety standards and elite luxury features. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, as this car listing will let you have your cake and eat it too.

Tesla Model S

If for no other reason the Tesla Model S will go down the annals of history for being the first car to drive off purely electric power and yet still having great practical utility and viability in terms of recharging. Yet in case another reason is needed, another hallmark for the Tesla Model S is its high safety standards. It achieved the maximum 5 star rating in the NTSA overall crash testing, while the standard pollution quotient normally applied to KBB tested cars was just not applicable to the Model S. Consumer ratings were at their highest having achieved an average of 9.6, comments that were left by drivers included  “Best vehicle ever” and "Absolutely awesome”. Whilst not prone to exaggeration myself, I’m still inclined to think that if pennies are not your problem, then this is the car to pick.  

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Lexus IS

The Lexus IS is undoubtedly the king of the asphalt as it exudes an intriguing elegance and yet it is still used as a popular everyday sedan. The IS is the Lexus that provides entry level into the prestigious luxury brand, as it is targeted towards professionals and families. Therefore while it is imbued with high performance capabilities it also holds strong rankings for safety testings, having achieved full marks from the NTSA overall crash testing. With a score of 19/26 MPG the Lexus IS rated #6 out of 17 for fuel economy and #11 out of 17 for horsepower. From the consumers, it was an overall thumbs-up, as it was ranked 8.7 overall out of 10. Most certainly a car of choice to do those private school pick ups. 

Photo courtesy of

BMW 5 Series

For Kelley Blue Book the 2016 BMW 5 Series sedan continues to be the “benchmark sedan for the midsize luxury- performance market”. While the 5 series performed well on all criteria including ‘driving dynamics’, ‘comfort and convenience’ and ‘design’, its highest rating was an 8.9 out of 10 for safety. The sedan achieved full marks for crash testings and a result of 22/33 for MPG. However for KBB what gives the 5 series its consumer edge, is that you can take it any way you like it; as a fuel efficient diesel, as a powerful M5, as a 5 door Gran Turismo or with a hybrid trim. There are so many variations of the BMW 5 series that it can actually be quite dizzying.

Photo courtesy of Audi

Audi S4 and Audi S6

Both of these luxury cars from the house of the interlinked bangles made it onto KBB’s list for safety, however the popular choice of the people seems to go quite distinctly to the Audi S4. According to KBB the uniqueness of the S4 is just that, it is so luxuriously unique that while there have been many attempts to replicate the art of blending wood veneers with leather and imbedding modern day tech features into its system, no one has managed to pull off a duplicate that matches that of the S4. The S4’s overall rating came out to 7.3, while the safety measure was higher still at 7.6 out of 10. While slightly less impressive to the crowd at KBB, the Audi S6 still achieved a 5 star ranking for crash testing, with equally impressive results for its fuel efficiency, treading lightly on planet earth with a fuel emissions count of just 18/27 MPG.

The results from KBB provided some insightful glances from which we have been able to glean some really useful information. After all, driving from one destination to the next is all about the comfort and the paramount safety. Now, where’s that dessert fork for my slice of cake?

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