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This Christmas Consider Gift Cars Over Gift Cards

Dec 07, 2015

It’s getting chilly outside and that of course means that Christmas shopping season is finally here. Why not consider a luxury car rental as the perfect gift for your better half to enjoy over the Christmas season? We offer the preferred choices, a couple for him and a couple for her. You take the pick.

Car tech rarely gets more exciting than the BMW i8 | Courtesy of

The BMW i8

For Him: Designed to the nines the BMW i8 is a fashion statement for her and a specimen of futuristic automation for him. While not quite the Jetson’s aerocar, technology doesn’t get more exciting than that found in the i8. Built with both a combustion engine for fast, long haul travel and an electric powered engine for inner city slinking. The BMW i8 lets you ride fast, fancy free and without a conscience, as the pure electric engine doesn’t emit those nasty Co2’s. To enhance the supercar’s center of gravity, the seats are positioned low to the ground. While she might not appreciate this aspect (she will definitely fall into the car is she’s wearing stilettos), the super cool dihedral doors might make up for this, as they open up butterfly like, as if in a “Back to the Future” reenactment.

The Audi R8 Spyder - Sleek and exceptionally elegant | Courtesy of

Audi R8 Spyder

For Her: Sleek and exceptionally elegant, it’s the Audi R8 Spyder that consistently brings a smile to her face. While so far from the glimpses that we’ve had of the second edition, the Audi R8 somehow manages to come off looking even more sleek. With an emphasis on a flat and wide muscular build, the side blades frame it beautifully, so that this supercar manages to evoke both power and elegance simultaneously. While perhaps not the fastest car on the market, the beau’s still going to love the transparent glass panel over the engine. Making it possible to glance at the genius of the car’s mechanics from the outside.

The Ferrari 458 Speciale - forever the boyhood dream | Courtesy of

Ferrari 458 Speciale Italia Edition

For Him: For no other reason than it’s the boyhood dream. Every young lad who has ever owned a set of miniature toy cars wants to one day drive a super fast Ferrari and from within the house of the galloping black stallion, no other car epitomises what we love about the Ferrari than the 458 Speciale. While the aerodynamic nose fins and the blue and white racing stripes catch the eye at first, it’s what lies underneath the bonnet that will take his breath away. In this model, Ferrari has achieved exceptionally fast gear changes that allow for quicker reaction times, advanced the chassis build, they’ve put in an even more powerful engine and have improved the weight-to-power ratio to an unbelievable 2.13 kg/cv. While she might silently muse, god forbid, “What’s the big deal? It’s just another tin can on wheels painted in lipstick red.” Let’s hope she keeps these opinions to herself, because she’s not likely to hold them once she’s taken a ride.

Mercedes G63 potentially the biggest beast in the SUV market | Courtesy of

Mercedes G63 AMG

For Her: Perhaps the biggest beast on the market, it never strikes me as somewhat bizarre that women love to drive this enormous force of metal and aluminium. Undoubtedly it is the ultimate all-terrain SUV, by the brute force of its 6x6 wheel drive, 544 horsepower and the 7G-tronic 7-speed auto transmission. It will get you to any raw and unrelenting corner of the globe, be it across sand, through water and over rugged mountain terrain. And yet for distinctly not these reasons women are driving this beast to pick up their kids from school or to do a shout of shopping. For him, it might not make much sense, but then what the heck? Are you really going to argue this one?

This one's for me, the Range Rover Sport SVR | Courtesy of Landrover

The Range Rover Sport SVR

For Everyone: 550 BHP! In an SUV! Need I say more? If you get anywhere near a slope during the holidays, if you feel an urge to explore undiscovered terrain, if you're feeling romantic and want to find a secluded spot - this new SVR is perfect. The latest in a long line of Range Rover Sports, it goes without saying that the new SVR is luxurious, spacious, family-friendly and heaped with features. It also packs the performance of a true sports car. The Range Rover Sport SVR claims these hallmarks as the first performance model designed by the recently launched Jaguar-Land-Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division. While it sounds as if a Jaguar engine was dropped into a Range Rover Sport, the performance specs seem to indicate that’s pretty much what you’ve got. Perhaps it shouldn’t be something for everyone, as this ones gotta be something for me.

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