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From trendy hues snatched right from the fall-winter runway, to design house logos being stitched on the seats’ leather, ‘couture cars’ are popping up in auto shows around the world. As we find car manufacturers rubbing elbows with fashion designers, we are listing here some of the most successful collaborations.
Nicole Harris
Feb 23, 2015


With the potential for both success and resounding failure, luxury car brands have been experimenting with creating brand extensions. With products like handbags from Bentley, menswear from Maserati and fountain pens from Lamborghini, brand extensions have the potential to generate both additional revenue and increase brand visibility.
Nicole Harris
Aug 25, 2016
Exclusive masterpieces of timeless luxury have been created through the inspired meeting of classic British car manufacturer Bentley and Swiss watchmaker Breitling. The prestigious Breitling for Bentley range is testament to the passion, precision and expertise of both Bentley and Breitling, masters of meticulous design and engineering. The Breitling for Bentley range of luxurious timepieces is one to watch out for.
Nicole Harris
Aug 06, 2014
Nickolastock /
While the idea of “men’s fashion” seems an oxymoron for most men I know, the world of men’s fashion has seen a trend for prestigious luxury cars to open flagship stores that sell high end fashion wear, accessories, watches and collectibles. Sporting styles that are masculine, athletic and tied into the image of the most exclusive sports cars, I take a look at 3 top Italian marques of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati to see what sort of haute couture they have on offer.
Nicole Harris
Jul 04, 2016
Autumn and winter are great seasons for driving. They are also the perfect excuse to rejuvenate your accessories. Nicole Harris, our lifestyle connoisseur, selects her favorite autumn 2014 / winter 2015 must have accessories for the fashionable lady driver.
Nicole Harris
Oct 27, 2014
From the outside looking in, Grace did live the fairytale life with a vibrant acting career that was in full bloom just before marrying her charming Prince Rainier. Grace was also a great contributor to the arts, a fashion trend setter and known for her many years of dedicated philanthropic work. But a look under the surface reveals a woman who was torn between loves; of that towards her husband and her acting career.
Nicole Harris
Mar 09, 2016
Jaguar Heritage announced it will complete the construction of the missing six all-aluminium Lightweight E-types. Inspired directly by the cars, Bremont releases a beautiful 43mm timepiece, featuring a black dial and a subtle ‘red zone’ quadrant, resembling the RPM gauge found in the original Racing E-Types.
Scott Jawns
Sep 15, 2014


At Luxuria Magazine looking good never felt better as fashion is a passion and it’s one that we are keen to share. Luxuria Magazine has identified fashion as something that is very much tied up into the world of luxury cars. It just feels supremely good to wear a tailored suit with mother-of-pearl cufflinks whilst wearing those Ferragamo driving shoes as you step into the likes of a Porsche 911 Carrera or a Mercedes AMG GT. It is the coming together of fashion with luxury cars that results in a union of seductive style. Raise eyebrows and cause a stir as you depart from an Aston Martin convertible dressed to kill.

Our writers bring you the scoop on car couture, and by that we mean the car candy in the halls and on the streets of the festivities at the Milan Fashion week. From trendy hues snatched from the run away to design house logos stitched onto Nappa leather seating, ‘car couture’ is becoming more common at the world’s most prestigious motor shows and fashion shows alike. Ladies first, we provide  an expose of those critical accessories for women, come the winter driving season. After all, putting women behind the wheel of luxury car driving, is long overdue. We share with our readers the highlights of Bentley’s Breitling edition watch, a masterpiece of mechanics and style.

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