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Imagine getting behind the wheel of a Nissan GT-R or Jaguar F-type R supercar and driving as fast as the wind on unlimited German autobahns. In the passenger seat, your pro driving instructor who will help you get the most from this exhilarating drive. All this adrenaline-packed excitement for 599€ or less! Now that’s a gift for a speed-lover!
Scott Jawns
Jan 07, 2020


Head into the bustling city of Frankfurt in style when you rent a luxury Porsche Panamera sedan. Drive your high-class executive vehicle through the Old Town or head into the country to visit the neighboring villages. Your adventure-filled summer vacation is complete when you relax and unwind behind the wheel of your elite Porsche rental.
Scott Jawns
Feb 26, 2018
The mere thought of autumn in Europe conjures up images of beautiful rich colours and gentle sunshine. In Germany, autumn is the season of wine and harvest festivals, of lazy afternoons visiting grand castles and exciting cultural events in the major cities. Whether you want to take a scenic drive in a supercar or be seen at one of Berlin’s best art galleries, we have some suggestions that will warm your soul before winter sets in.
Brittany Nue
Oct 08, 2015
Germany may well be universally acknowledged as a nation where proprietary, efficiency and pragmatism rule the day. In this light, Munich can often appear as a solitary outpost of chaotic creativity. In the case where “imagination is the only weapon we have in the war against the hum-drum of reality”, I’m glad to report this battle front is alive and well in the city of Munich. Munich abounds in almost countless venues where you can easily combat any sense of the expected and predictable.
Brittany Nue
Mar 01, 2016
Photo courtesy of Airbnb
As we were taking a vacation to Germany this summer, we thought we would see if Airbnb had anything exciting on offer that would fit our bill. Admittedly, because we have become too well acquainted with the finer things in life, we didn’t want to have to compromise on luxury, but at the same time we wanted something that would feel exotic, local and interesting and all at once. So here is a list of places that best incited our curiosity.
Nicole Harris
Jul 28, 2016
Winter in Bavaria is any romantic’s paradise amidst wondrous snow laden scenery. With no lack of options on what to do, go skiing to your heart’s content, spin down hill on a toboggan ride or hike through spruce and fir trees. Revitalise and rejuvenate at one of the many wellness centers where many highly crafted and exotic treatments are available. Of course there is no holiday without the culinary highlights, and Bavaria shows off the best of its local talent over Christmas time.
Nicole Harris
Nov 19, 2015
If you're looking for the perfect winter escape or planning your summer vacation, the German Alpine Road in the South of Germany should be your first choice. Stretching along 450 km, this car route will take you along world’s most scenic drives and breathtaking scenery. Start from Munich, finish at Salzburg and in between allow yourself 3 days of freedom to embrace nature, heights and the velocity of a luxury car. Join us in the route of snow-capped peaks, enchanting lakes and flower-filled pastures.
Scott Jawns
Mar 06, 2017
Victor Maschek/Shutterstock
Ski by day and sip cocktails by night. Sounds good doesn’t it? Run down the hills of a Bavarian ski resort to your heart’s content all day long and then drive into the city of Munich to enjoy all the trendy nightlife that this cosmopolitan city has to offer. Munich continues to enjoy popularity as a gateway to much of Germany’s top ski resorts. Hire a luxury BMW SUV on your arrival into the city of Munich, to get onboard for a sensational ski holiday.
Ethan Hews
Feb 14, 2016
Germany boasts a rich tradition of more than 2,000 years of viticultural customs that over the course of time has developed into quality oriented vineyard practices. This combined with the local state-of-the-art cellar technology, tends to put Germany and her spectacular wine selections at the vanguard of the winemaking world. Driving a Porsche convertible rental we take a look at Germany’s most popular wine growing regions as we seek to uncover the secret source behind their success.
Brittany Nue
Jun 02, 2016
Representing the pinnacle of German car manufacturing, Porsche leads the way in motoring luxury, performance, and innovation. But does driving a Porsche on its home ground add an extra sparkle to the Porsche driving experience? We think so, and for that reason we have found four fantastic reasons to get behind the wheel and experience the ultimate thrill of driving a Porsche in Germany.
Ethan Hews
Dec 21, 2015
The opportunity to drive a Porsche in its national home grounds of Germany is exceptionally exciting, even taking on significant religious proportions for many of us. Porsche is after all a German icon. Having led the way in luxury motoring, performance and innovation, the Porsche represents a pinnacle of Germany’s prestigious legacy in car manufacturing. The Porsche belongs to Germany as much as Germany belongs to the Porsche.
Ethan Hews
Apr 05, 2016
The 66th International Motor Show (IAA) , the world’s largest motor show and the year’s most exciting metal unveiling event is taking place this upcoming September 17th to 27th in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Get all the details to visit the motor show and make the best out of your stay in Frankfurt, including where to stay, where to eat, how to buy your tickets and what cars you should be keeping an eye out for.
Scott Jawns
Aug 16, 2015
Courtesy of Kevin_Hsieh /
Universally considered the birthplace of the automobile, Germany has always maintained a special relationship with cars. The passion for speed and innovation possessed by German car manufacturers transcends to its self proclaimed petrol head citizens, who through the famous Autobahn, pay homage to speed and performance. Get ready to floor the accelerator, push pedal to the metal and pick up speed aboard any one of the 5 best Exotic car rentals in Germany
Ethan Hews
Aug 17, 2015
Head out into the open countryside of Germany when you rent a luxury Audi R8 from Berlin. Drive your high-powered sports car on the Autobahn, through the city of Berlin or to any of the neighboring villages for a fun-filled summer vacation. With your elite Audi rental, all of Germany is your playground; filled with adventure and thrills sure to excite.
Ethan Hews
Mar 05, 2018
Spend time in the vibrant city of Hamburg with elite class when you rent a Mercedes G63 AMG SUV. You can drive your high-performance vehicle through the Old Town or head to any of the neighboring cities for some exploration. This exciting summer journey is complete with the spacious comforts and high-end amenities of your Mercedes rental.
Brittany Nue
Mar 08, 2018
Photo Courtesy by Teddy Leung
Enjoy a Black Forest family road trip in a stunning Mercedes V-Class. Start in Munich and drive to Heidelberg, Baden Baden, Freiburg, Freudenstadt and Titisee-Neustadt. Explore the most amazing scenic routes, learn about the history and culture of the region and eat delectable traditional food. This region is famous for cheese, cake, cuckoo clocks and awe-inspiring scenery.
Scott Jawns
Mar 14, 2018
Cruising around in the brilliantly designed Porsche Boxster Spyder, we took this luxurious car for a spin through some enchanting lakeside villages for a two day pleasure tour. Stopping in Scharmützelsee, known for health and fitness, and setting course to the romantic canals of Spreewald
Scott Jawns
May 25, 2017


A journey through Germany, is like a mixed bag of assorted sweets, you may not be quite sure what you’re going to get, but you’re pretty certain that you are going to enjoy it. In the country that gave us the the maypole, the world’s first pocket watch, classical music and philosophies greatest minds, it is the same nationality that gave us Oktoberfest, bratwurst, quality beer and of course some of the world’s leading luxury cars. The only factor that marks them all, is the dedicated passion to offering the best.

Read our articles about hiring a supercar in Germany, be it the BMW M6 on the  Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, that weaves its way through the Black Forest. Drive the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet through sharp switchback turns and on dizzying slopes amidst fantastic scenery along the Alpine Road, starting in Lake Constance and moving northwards to Konigsee. Or if it’s the pure love of technology, engineering and development that gets you passionate, read our comparisons on the best German luxury cars ever produced, be it the Audi R8 versus the Porsche 918 or the Mercedes AMG G63. Alternatively, get the inside story from our writer’s accounts of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Either go home, or be in the know.

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