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The Perfect Summer Vacation in Germany with an Audi R8

Mar 05, 2018

Day 1 – Uckermark, the 400 Lakes District

Rent an Audi R8 from Berlin and head out on a two-day trip around Berlin in this two-seater coupe. This legendary and luxurious sports car breaks all the rules of aerodynamics to reach above the status quo. You’ll be the envy of the country as you zoom by at breakneck speeds.

Red Audi R8 CoupeOnce you’ve picked up your Audi R8 rental from Berlin, you’ll want to head north for about an hour on the A11 to what many refer to as the Hamptons of Germany. The Uckermark region is one of the prettiest choices for a summer vacation.

Pretty Uckermark region

Covering over 1,800 square miles, the Uckermark area is the largest district located in Germany and without doubt, the most majestic. It offers the only national park located in Brandenburg plus one of the best environment ratings of the region. That makes it the best location for ecotourism, outdoor leisure and cultural fun.

The beautiful Lake District Region

Part of what we love about Uckermark revolves around the numerous lakes. In fact, there are over 400 in the area. These date back to the Ice Age and offer a picturesque view when looked at with the backdrop of flowing, rolling hills. The many villages and towns are engulfed in meadows, forests, water and fields. These are all worthy of postcard quality pictures.

The majestic Blankenburg Castle

Nature isn’t all that is found in Uckermark. We’ve come to fully appreciate the Blankenburg Castle and Boitzenburg Palace located in the region along with the historical churches like Dorfkirche Güterberg and leisure parks as well. A trip to Uckermark isn’t complete without a thermal bath in Templin.

When you are ready to stop for a bite to eat, we recommend Gasthof Zum Kronprinzen located on Bahnhofstraße 9. It’s the ideal location for some late-night, cozy and casual dining. For a great night’s sleep, head to the Pension Wiesenhof B&B which also has a large garden, a terrace and direct access to hiking and biking trails.

Serene view over the lake

Day 2 – Wandlitzsee

If swimming is on your list of things to explore, head south of Uckermark on the A11 for about 45 minutes until you reach Wandlitzsee. Your Audi R8 will take you right to the grassy banks, diving boards and rowing boats. As you approach the lido, you’ll see a path that goes to the right. This is the route to take if you are looking for some additional quiet. From here, you’ll find an area to enjoy a picnic or go for a dip in the lake.

For the ultimate thrill in the German outdoors, you could consider heading to the local windsurfing school or enjoy some horse-riding. There is also a 27-hole golf-course located nearby at Prenden.

Wandlitz See

Aside from Wandlitzsee, there are several other tourist attractions in the area worth seeing. We recommend a short detour on the Lanker Weg for three miles to the nearby lake of Liepnitzsee for some more outdoor adventure.

You can also head two miles via Oranienburger Str. and B273 to get to Rahmersee or the three miles via Oranienburger Str. and Basdorfer Str. over to Stolzenhagen See. Located in the woods of the northeast side of the village, you’ll also spot the smaller Bogensee which houses the Berlin State Forest and various small buildings in the midst.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

We simply adore the several old churches like the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church which is a great reminder of World War II. In addition, we have a few favorite museums you might want to explore. There is the Agricultural Museum in Wandlitz-old village that has been a hit with tourists. You’ll also find the Steam Railway Museum in Basdorf and the International Museum of Circus Performers in Klosterfelde.

Agricultural Museum in Wandlitz

To enjoy a scrumptious bite to eat and a few fine cocktails, be sure to stop in the Hotel Restaurant Seeterrassen Wandlitz located at Thälmannstraße 93 before heading home. Not only does this restaurant have casual accommodations, but also a sun terrace and a garden. Chef Christian Hinrich offers an ever-changing menu plus a wine list with over forty selections.

Heading Back

When you are ready to drive your high-powered Audi R8 back to the Berlin Airport, simply head south on the A114 for about 30 minutes. If you have more time to spend in Germany, we highly recommend extending your trip and exploring Hamburg or Cologne which are both cities worthy of your fast and smooth sports car rental.

For example, there is nothing quite like the Autobahn experience in Germany. Even if you’ve driven the Autobahn before, chances are you didn’t head out in a vehicle capable of hitting 60 mph in just three seconds. Your Audi R8 was built for this moment, so be sure to push it to its limits. You and your friend are sure to think this was the best summer vacation ever. 

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