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Milan Fashion Week 2014 might have now left town, but there are still plenty of beautiful specimens visible on the streets of Milan this autumn. Bringing you six of the best luxury cars to be seen driving in Milan this season, Luxuria checks out the top SUVs on the road, present a few flashy supercars from Ferrari and fall in love with the timeless elegance of a large classic Rolls-Royce.
Scott Jawns
Oct 30, 2014


The immensity of luxury to be found in Italy is as colourful and varied as the palette of any one of the country's great renaissance artists. Possessing flavour of every character, there are numerous ways to experience a luxury drive throughout the country that stencils a leather bound Prada boot.
Brittany Nue
Oct 25, 2015
It’s true. People lose their hearts whilst driving along the winding roads that hug the cliff side of the Amalfi coast. Our primary case study involves a young lady, who travelled along the Amalfi coast and has since reported having lost her heart there. With a retinue of primary evidence that includes photographs, a stunning sun lit tan and a perpetual smile on her face, the case is now officially closed.
Brittany Nue
Jul 31, 2016
How do you improve upon perfection? This is the challenge Ferrari engineers achieved with the unveiling of the new Ferrari 458 Speciale at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Whilst according to Ferrari's Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, the 458 Italia and convertible 458 Spider continue to be in strong demand, there has been much excitement around the latest Ferrari to hit the road.
Scott Jawns
Aug 04, 2014
From trendy hues snatched right from the fall-winter runway, to design house logos being stitched on the seats’ leather, ‘couture cars’ are popping up in auto shows around the world. As we find car manufacturers rubbing elbows with fashion designers, we are listing here some of the most successful collaborations.
Nicole Harris
Feb 23, 2015
Cruising around in a sleek white Ferrari is certainly a way to show that you have arrived. But, these cars are not just for showing off! You have a desire for speed and what better way to experience the full corrupting power of this beauty, than on the racetracks of Monza? Breathtaking opportunities are available for you to learn and experience supercar racing with world class drivers in a controlled and exclusive environment in Monza.
Scott Jawns
May 25, 2016
Live your dreams and let the wind caress your hair as you drive through the beautiful region of Tuscany savouring the delicious food and wine that the region is famous for. Acquacotta soup in Maremma, Brunello di Montalcino, Pecorino di Pienza, home-made pastas in Montepulciano, delicious sweets in Siena and wine and saffron in San Gimignano. Indulge all your senses with a gourmet tour under the Tuscan sun.
Brittany Nue
Jul 02, 2015
For any dedicated fanatic, a football tour of Italy is a must. When it comes to football, passion is the fashion in Italy. No more so noticeable than when Italy’s Squadra Azzurra is playing another country and the stadium is awash in green, white and red. Rent an iconic Italian sports car, such as as the Maserati GranTurismo Sport and take the ultimate football tour of Italy.
Ethan Hews
Jan 20, 2016
Sardinia is a little bit of what dreams are made out of. Idyllic beaches covered in the whitest of sands and lush, wild vegetation cascading down into the bluest of oceans. Stone-aged ruins, vertiginous trails, adrenaline-packed adventures and lounging by the sea are all mixed into one beautiful, contrasting slice of paradise. Top it all off with some of the most delicious and freshest seafood around, and you’ll see why I fell in love with Sardinia at first sight.
Nicole Harris
Jul 23, 2015
In Italy, stunning landscapes abound. From sun-bathed rolling hills and vineyards, to rugged and dramatic coastal panoramas. This summer, get on board the Porsche Boxster Cabriolet and explore the magnificent coastal roads of Italy, from enchanting fishing villages to idyllic white beaches and wild lush mountains that cascade down to the sea. In this article, we unveil Italy’s top 5 coastal drives, from the top of ‘the boot’ to the very heel.
Scott Jawns
Jul 29, 2015
While there are a lot of drag races that pitch cars against each other, very rarely are they evenly matched in terms of their engineering design and high performance driving capability. But this race between the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the Lamborghini Aventador, makes a stiff competition between two exceptionally high performing supercars, that are both top of the range within their respective marques.
Ethan Hews
Apr 04, 2016
Courtesy of Roberto Cerruti
Bring your dreams of driving a fabulous sports car to life. Experience the thrilling adventure of driving a Ferrari on the race track, cruise around the scenic Italian countryside or push pedal to the metal in the Ferrari F1 Simulator at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. Combine your passion for cars with Italy’s stunning backdrop, fabulous shopping and delicious food and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.
Brittany Nue
Aug 03, 2015
Test-drive the supercar of your dreams in the motorcar wonderland of Modena. With brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani and De Tomaso to set your pulse racing, a visit to the centre of the Italian automotive industry is the ultimate luxury car enthusiast’s pilgrimage.
Scott Jawns
Aug 03, 2014
Copyright: istanbul_image_video
Cuisine and Culture are almost synonymous in Italy. Over centuries Italian cuisine has evolved directly from social and political changes, with roots that stretch as far back as antiquity. In our tour of the south coast of Italy driving a luxury Lamborghini Sportscar, we explore this interconnection between Italy’s rich layers of food and culture. Visiting many of the iconic landmarks and tasting the traditional cuisine prepared by the experts themselves.
Nicole Harris
Apr 25, 2016
The astonishing Italian island of Sicily offers an overflow of extraordinary sights and things to do. Having been home to every great Mediterranean civilization, Sicily abounds with well preserved ancient ruins, a rich history and art. Swim in the ocean and take in the view of Roman and Greek ruins, hike up or ski down a volcano, cycle through the island or scuba dive in crystal clear waters. Make the best of your holiday in Sicily with our top recommendations for things to do, sites to see, food to eat and hotels to stay.
Nicole Harris
Jul 15, 2015
Welcome back to the second part of my journey as I cross the border into Italy and follow the coastal road that trails along the beautiful Italian Riviera. In this journey we discover Italy’s answer to the French Riviera. Tucked between translucent turquoise seas and the rays of a soothing sun, it is encountered with lazy days and sensual nights.
Ethan Hews
May 31, 2016
Combine your two passions, for luxury driving and “la Dolce Vita” in Italy with this outstanding two day tour. Take a Ferrari California T in Milan and drive to the city of Como, nestled between the Alps and Lake Como to experience a thrilling road trip through scenic landscapes, picturesque hilly villages and the opportunity to taste delicious local dishes.
Scott Jawns
May 24, 2017
bepsy /
While word on the street is that Rome is best discovered by foot, that may well be true, if you don’t mind restricting yourself to just Rome’s historic antiquities quarter of the Colosseo. But, discovering Rome in a Ferrari is an opportunity that just can’t be beat as the uniqueness of the experience confronts you with the supercar’s passionate need for speed and the roar of its engine. But hey, if you want to walk that’s cool, it’s totally up to you.
Nicole Harris
Mar 01, 2016


We absolutely love Italy, but then, how could we not? Italy is fertile ground for the luxury lifestyle alive in its art and history, there is more vibrancy and culture smeared throughout this country than the paint pallette of its masterful renaissance artists. Drive a Ferrari through the emerald green hills of Tuscany that by dusk are bathed in a golden like glow. Let your tastebuds do all the work as you sit down to meals of marinated antipasti, a Caprese salad with pesto sauce and a Panzanella, where the imbued flavours do their subtle tricks on the palate of your tongue.

In the Italy category of Luxuria Magazine join our writers as they discover the astonishing sights of Sicily aboard a Maserati coupé. Our writer traces a landscape filled with ancient ruins, a rich history, a captivating sapphire blue sea and volcano in which she precipitously attempts to ski down. Read a review on the six best luxury cars spotted at the Milan Fashion Festival, both on the streets and those standing primly behind glass panes. Seek to satisfy both body and soul in an article that takes you through a drive in a Lamborghini cabriolet across the beautiful and highly romantic Tuscany region. With a ruby red glass of the finest San Gimignano in hand, our writers rise to the occasion.    

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