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Live your dreams and let the wind caress your hair as you drive through the beautiful region of Tuscany savouring the delicious food and wine that the region is famous for. Acquacotta soup in Maremma, Brunello di Montalcino, Pecorino di Pienza, home-made pastas in Montepulciano, delicious sweets in Siena and wine and saffron in San Gimignano. Indulge all your senses with a gourmet tour under the Tuscan sun.
Brittany Nue
Jul 02, 2015


Jaguar Heritage announced it will complete the construction of the missing six all-aluminium Lightweight E-types. Inspired directly by the cars, Bremont releases a beautiful 43mm timepiece, featuring a black dial and a subtle ‘red zone’ quadrant, resembling the RPM gauge found in the original Racing E-Types.
Scott Jawns
Sep 15, 2014


With power, poise and precision the Jaguar fleet can represent an intimidating prospect, as each of its cars without exception, effectively project this poignant image at first glance. The Jaguar is repeatedly chosen by the world’s most high profile celebrities and athletes. It is the vehicle of choice for Liverpool football club’s Steven Gerrard, the A list couple Posh and Becks and the always suave, Harrison Ford. From a class of models that include the F-type, E-type and the XJ, Jaguars possess that elusive element of exceptionally seductive style. Read Luxuria Magazine and find out how.

In an article that takes you in a drive through the beautiful region of Tuscany, live your dreams and let the wind whisk past you as you drive the Jaguar F-type cabrio rental in Italy. Savour the delicious local produce and cuisine for which the region has developed a world renowned. Acquacotta soup in Maremma, home-made pastas in Montepulciano, delicious sweets in Siena and a glass of deep red wine in San Gimignano. A tour of Tuscany in the F-type is the chance to indulge all your senses. With unparalleled interest, our writers take a look into Jaguar’s rich heritage that includes the Lightweight E-types of the 1960’s, the XK150 of 1958 tracing all the way back to the Austin Seven Swallow of 1928.

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