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A New Range Rover Evoque has joined the Range Rover Family

Dec 10, 2018

For more than 45 years, the British Jaguar Land Rover car manufacturer has set high standards for its luxury 4x4 vehicles. From the grille to the cargo area each component has being designed to perfection, in order to ensure maximum power, capability as well as higher comfort.

The New Generation 2020 Range Rover Evoque is about to debut at the current Los Angeles Motor Show (Nov 30- Dec 9, 2018). The main novelty: it incorporates a revolutionary technology that enables to “see through the hood”. Before going into further details, let’s have a look now at the current line up of Range Rover models:


New Range Rover Evoque - Photo courtesy by

The 2019 redesigned Range Rover Evoque is a stylish 5 seater Crossover SUV with a muscular yet sophisticated profile, smoother lines and an interior more refined than ever. The full-size panoramic roof allows the natural light inside. Built with aluminum lightweight materials from bonnet to hood, it ensures better dynamics and less fuel consumption. 

With a dry capacity of 860 liters, the Evoque helps you cruise with friends in comfort. There is an  all new electric power steering system that minimizes on fuel consumption.This model comes in a variety of sizes and style catering for all tastes and feels, including a convertible version. As the smallest Range Rover, The Evoque is ideal for a drive in the narrow city streets.

A little further ahead, the next generation 2020 Range Rover Evoque, besides slight exterior changes (more room to the back passenger, wider cargo area etc..), will be fitted with a dual center console that commands climate and infotainment.

The new technology “Transparent Hood” Clear Sight Ground View lets you see through the bonnet and help you avoid obstacles. Even more revolutionary, the new 2020 Evoque will be the first Land Rover, powered by a 4 cylinder, 48 Volt, 296 hp mild-hybrid system.


Range Rover Velar - Photo Courtesy by

The Range Rover Velar, a mid-size, all-wheel drive 5 seater SUV with two rows, has a strong and presence with its floating roof and continuous waistline. It features retractable flush door handles and optional 22-inch wheels.

The interior is plush, with refined simplicity; twin sliding arm rests and an adjustable mood lighting create a calm ambience. The activity key is a durable waterproof wristband that locks and unlocks the vehicle. This allows outdoor activities without carrying your Key. A wealth of driving aids such as switches lit under the steering wheel to operate the media and phone as well as interactive driver display make the drive easier and more enjoyable.

It is no coincidence that at the 2018 World Car Awards, the Velar won the World Car Design of the year after a jury of 84 automotive journalist voted.


Range Rover Sport SVR - Photo courtesy by

Considered as the most dynamic Range Rover. Designed to command attention with its redesigned grille and bonnet whereas the dynamic exhaust further enhances the vehicle’s sportier stunts. The sleek LED headlights also redesigned to improve on energy efficiency and durability. Muscular and proportional, the midsize Range Rover Sport SUV is a great performer.

Luxurious and comfortable, the cockpit is meticulously designed with numerous storage compartments. As on the Velar, a new Touch Pro Duo in-car infotainment system consisting of two identical 10” screens has been added. Air suspension lowers up to 15mm and this ensures that even when cruising at speeds of 105 Km/hr. or above the drag is reduced and improving efficiency. Quite literally in a class of its own.

An announcement has been made for 2019: a new plug-in hybrid model is on its way.


Range Rover Vogue - Photo courtesy by

The Range Rover Vogue is the most luxurious model, the flagship line-up. Packed with a host of standard equipment, such as 20 inch alloys, a panoramic glass roof, climate control, acoustic heated windscreen, auto LED headlights etc….this 7 seater SUV undoubtedly leads the pack.

For added safety on the road, the Vogue has a sensor that automatically detects cars coming from the opposite directions when you are on high beam. When this happens, the Vogue automatically lowers the beam until the other car has passed. Likewise, the rear camera assists the driver and makes parking and maneuvering easier and safer. Two versions are available: The Vogue and The Vogue SE, for a even more luxurious feel.

People drive Range Rovers because they love the best in terms of capability, space and comfort. For 2019, the Range Rover line-up get greener too, with plug-in hybrid models. Whether you are looking for a small SUV to drive in Milan or Barcelona or a large 7 seater SUV for a long road-trip around Germany, a Range Rover is the perfect choice.

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