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Photo courtesy of Rolls Royce
Photo courtesy of Rolls Royce
The luxury car you prefer to drive may well be predetermined by the year you were born. By looking at the generational differentiators of Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Generation X and Generation Y (or Millennials), We take a look at each of these generations by identifying the cars they tend to rent most, and try and think why these specific cars appeal to each of them. So which luxury car were you born to drive?
Brittany Nue
Sep 29, 2016


Okay, so Christmas was last month but still, we’re holding onto this festive season wave for as long as we can with this list of super cool toys. Admittedly, it’s a case of thrills for dills. We’re not going to lie, these toys are not of the educational variety and won’t make you any smarter. But then who cares?? They are extremely fun and exciting.
Scott Jawns
Dec 30, 2015
Rodrigo Garrido /
Otherwise known as ‘Autotesting’ in the United Kingdom or ‘MotorKhana’ in Australia and New Zealand, Gymkhana refers to racing a car through a series of obstacles in the shortest time possible. Utterly incredible to watch, the sport is rapidly becoming the motor world’s biggest craze particularly in Japan and the United States.
Ethan Hews
Oct 19, 2016
Copyright: Anton Balazh/ Shutterstock
2016 seems to herald a great variety of green cars that are now on the market with different features, technologies and designs. Ready to be scooped up as they appeal in unique ways to every whim and fancy. Check out our favourite top three green cars that we expect will continue on this path of shaking up the automotive world, and do so in fantastic fashion.
Ethan Hews
Jan 13, 2016

From the best holiday destinations, highly desired luxury cars on the market to the most viral video clips on the web, at Luxuria Magazine we keep up to date with all the latest trends so we can offer you the latest news of what’s hot and what’s certainly not. Our interest in the latest trends comes from our commitment to bringing the luxury lifestyle and all its new and interesting styles, looks and fads to the attention of every man and his well mannered pooch.

Our Latest Trends page discuss the hot topics (if not critical issues) of the day such as which car you would drive if you were Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. A review on how to plan an epic motorbike journey through Italy and France or perhaps take a read of our list of best luxury cars to rent for your next summer vacation. Do you go with the Porsche 911, the Audi R8 or the Ferrari California? See, these are the critical decisions that need to be made and we endeavour to do our best to help you out.

Consider Luxuria Magazine’s Latest Trends page to be the best cheat sheet out there, preparing you better than ever before for your next dinner party engagement, as you lead a conversation about why it is you love about the Bentley Breitling watch so much.

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