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On the Starting Block - Luxury Cars Launches in 2017

Feb 22, 2017

International Motor Shows are all about tomorrow’s cars and in this article we will have our own virtual Motor Show, showcasing the up-and-coming luxury car saloons that will be launched in 2017. Rest assured, we’ll be upgrading our luxury car rental fleet with the latest luxury models the moment they are released. What better way is there to test drive a new car model than by hiring one for a few days, in Italy, Germany or South of France and taking it through its paces? Here are five of the best to put on your wish list!

Mercedes S-Class

One of the earliest new models to launch in Chicago Auto Show 2017 is the vaunted Mercedes S-Class, fresh from its mid-life facelift. At first glance there’s nothing new to shout about, until you get beneath the bonnet where the new 6-cylinder petrol engine generates a galloping 408 horsepower. Minor changes to the bumper and headlights suggest change for changes’ sake, but inside the two touchscreen displays bring E-class technology to this sleek new S-class model.

Mercedes S Class / Photo courtesy by

Maserati Levante GTS

Taking its name from the balmy east wind that funnels through the Strait of Gibraltar, this Maserati certainly goes like the wind. Due for its debut in Summer 2017, this pumped up model manages to generate an incredible 600 horsepower. A meaner, more aggressive demeanour emanates from the widened front intake and prominent glossy black honeycomb grille insert on the front fascia. Nestling the ground to maximise aerodynamics, this sportier Levante GTS has passenger-hugging leather seats with contrast stitching. It boasts all-digital instrumentation, apart from the classic Maserati analogue clock, which apparently will still have its place on the dash.

Maserati Levante GTS / Photo courtesy by

Audi A8

Due to launch late in 2017, the latest generation Audi A8 has had more than just a facelift. Sporting the more slender Prologue body silhouette, the narrow front grille and accentuated fenders reassuringly maintain the Quattro hallmark. Fully loaded with electronic driver assist devices, the Audi A8 will be toting a Level 3 autonomous driving system. It won’t quite let you sit back and watch a film, but it will be capable of decision-making in instances such as lane changing and overtaking. Hopefully, the new gesture control interface will not be open to abuse!

BMW 6 Series GT

This popular luxury model has a longer wheelbase by 90mm than its 5 series predecessor, while the roof has been lowered and the rear end has been given a new coupe-style sculpting. Rumor has it that from its launch in the Geneva Motor Show 2017, this shapely beauty could replace the 5 Series GT and the 6 Series Gran Coupe in one foul swoop. Aiming to be the upmarket family saloon of choice, this Gran Turismo has clearly lost weight and is now an aerodynamic mixture of lightweight aluminium, steel and carbon fibre. Engine options will include a diesel B57 quad-turbo engine, a twin turbocharged V8 as well as a green hybrid.

BMW 6 Series GT / Photo courtesy by

Ferrari F12 M

Definitely not the family run-around, the much-acclaimed Ferrari F12 M has the same base as the original F12 Berlinetta, but noteworthy changes include the longer cabin and improved aerodynamics. The extended bonnet is flanked by large air intakes while the side panels are more defined. What’s important is that it’s a V12 engine and it’s a Ferrari. All other details are superfluous.

Ferrari F12 M / Photo courtesy by

Check our car hire website regularly and be one of the first to hit the road with these latest model luxury hire cars, due to launch throughout 2017.


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