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The 2018 Ford Mustang makes night-driving safer

Apr 05, 2017

When we think about the luxury car production world we see engineers thinking about making cars lighter and faster, but not necessary safer. However, the new Ford Mustang (2018) will address a crucial danger with a new technology.

Night Driving:  While driving at night, there is much less traffic and you may have the feeling that you are alone and tempted to drive faster but there might be also dangers hiding in the dark such as pedestrians wearing dark clothes crossing the road. Hence, a large number of drivers admit their reluctance to drive after sunset.

Ford has come up with a solution for the so-dreaded “night-blindness” by adding to the 2018 Ford Mustang two new elements: a forward camera on the windshield and a radar on the front bumper. Combined, they are able to make the difference between natural obstacles like a tree or a fence and pedestrians coming in front of the vehicle. A visible and audible alerts are then sent to the driver who can respond by putting on the brakes or moving away. If the driver fails to do so, the Mustang will stop automatically.

On top of The Pedestrian Detection Technology with night-vision, New safety features have been added to the new Ford Mustang such as distance alert, lane keeping assist and the Driver Alert system.

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