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Start your journey of the Costa del Sol in Malaga, whilst Malaga does not represent the start of the 54 km stretch of sunshine coast, it represents the easiest destination in which to launch yourself. Upon arriving at Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, a luxury convertible rental of your choice will be ready and waiting for you. For my travels, I selected the sparkling pearl white Bentley Continental GTC that reflected the glimmer of the sunshine coast with a certain magic.
Nicole Harris
Mar 31, 2016


Arrive in Malaga Airport and get ready to enjoy the chic, sun-drenched Costa del Sol. White sandy beaches backed by by the stunning Sierra Blanca and dotted by luxury villages, five star resorts, fancy restaurants and star-studded beach clubs make up the little heaven on earth we have come to know as Marbella. To enjoy your holiday to the fullest, we have listed the top 10 things to do in this beautiful stretch of coast.
Brittany Nue
Aug 10, 2015
Experience pure exhilaration as you cruise the coast in the newest Ford Mustang convertible. Leaving Malaga, follow along as she heads east through quaint coastal towns before spinning north to catch some of Spain’s best-kept secrets. Feel the adrenaline-pumping performance driving the Costa del Sol in search of first-class food and entertainment.
Brittany Nue
Jun 05, 2017


Travel through Spain and move through a whirlpool of colour, spice and aroma. While Spain may share the European heritage, this is a country that certainly beats to a different rhythm.  Tap to the sound of the flamenco dancers castanets, savour the flavourful aroma of a warm Paella and bean stew fabada as it’s brought to your table or explore a history filled with castles and conquistadores in an alluring history that runs deep into our conscious. All you need is the perfect set of wheels to see it all.

Like a most exotic and enthralling treasure chest, Spain boasts a vibrant mix of histories all juxtaposed one next to the other, follow our writers as they take a ride in a robust Jeep to reach  beautiful Moorish temples, grand gothic cathedrals, ancient synagogues tucked away under the cloak of time and gypsies dwellings still spinning tales of an intricate weave. In a sensually smooth Aston Martin sports car travel to the Spanish winelands of the Rioja Vineyard. The beauty of the landscape seems to have been somehow captured and bottled, and finally released in a richly scented glass of ruby red wine. For that romantic weekend drive in a Rolls Royce, pick up ideas for top 10 things to do in Marbella, the perfect location to bloom a young love.

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