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A two-day trip from Milan in a Ferrari California T

May 24, 2017

Milan is one of Europe’s great cities, vibrant, fashionable and luxurious. However, If you are aiming for a more relaxed yet nonetheless rewarding vacation, find your way to the city of Como and the nature surrounding it. Hire the outstanding Ferrari California T and behind the wheel of this sporty, elegant and versatile automobile, reach some of Italy’s greatest attractions.

Bold red Ferrari California T

Once you’ve picked up the California T at Milan’s Malpensa airport, it’s less than an hour-long drive on the SS336 to the city of Como, nestled at the foot of the Alps next to the lake which shares a name with the city. Como is in the Lombardy region and lies at the southern tip of the lake. It’s the perfect location for the beginning of a two-day trip outside of Milan.

Scenic view of Lake Como

Take the freeway A9 to Como, exit to Grandate (Como Sud) and then follow the Lago/Centro signs. When you reach the city walls, take the left at the railway crossing and then keep straight until you reach the lake. Once there, drive right along the lake in direction of Villa Geno. Now you’ve reached your first stop at the Funicular station that leads to Brunate, a small village perched on the side of a mountain. Enjoy the ride up the cliff and when you arrive at the Funicular Station in Brunate there are some nice walks you can take. The easy and nice choice is to walk to the Pissarottino Fountain with a panoramic sight of lake Como and Monte Rosa. Yes, you have arrived to the right place - take a breath. Relax.

Funicular in Brunate

After you come down you’ll maybe be looking by now for the best place to have dinner.Find your way to a Taxi-Boat from Lake Como Public Navigation Company, which allows to land directly on the Island. Get to a restaurant called Locanda that provides a classy dining experience on the tiny Comacina Island in the middle of the lake. After dinner, there are plenty of bars and cafes that dot the shores of Lake Como. Many of those have extensive wine menus that allow you to sample some of the varietals being made in the region.

Comacina Island in the middle of Lake Como

When night begins to fall in Como drive your Ferrari to one of the finest hotels around lake Como, the Villa Flori Hotel (Via Cernobbio 12) Enjoy a prime location on the lake with a breathtaking view that will present itself to you on the next morning.

Villa Fiori Hotel

After a solid breakfast take the California T for a cruise in the Italian hill country along the SS342 to the northwestern city of Varese. The city is famous for its villas and palaces, many of which date back to as early as the 14th century. Palazzo e Giardini Estensi, Villa e Parco Mirabello and Villa e Parco Augusta are some of the most famous ones. Beautiful 15th century churches dot the town and wandering from one to another is a great way to spend an afternoon. The town is also renowned for its shopping with many high-end shops found along the Cross Giacomo Matteotti.

Villa Toeplitz in Varese

The Sacro Monte of Varese, a church complex whose origins go back to the 6th century AD is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites and should certainly not be missed during your trip. For a fine lunch, park your Ferrari California T at Ristorante colonne (Via Fincarà. 37)  - a lovely restaurant in a picturesque location. Their beef main course is exquisite but don’t miss one of their first dishes as well. 

Sacro Monte of Varese

Take some time after the meal to have a stroll before you head to Milan so the wine will not affect your driving! Take the A8 route and then switch to the E62 road to Milan.

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