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  • Zonda Revolución
  • Zonda Revolución
  • Zonda Revolución
  • Zonda Revolución
  • Zonda Revolución
  • Zonda Revolución
  • Zonda Revolución
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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine7.3L V12
  • BHP748
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)2.7
  • Top speed370 km/h

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€15000/Per Day
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Zonda Revolucion hire

By Scott Jawns

The Zonda is Pagani's first supercar, originally named the Fangio F1 after the Argentinian Formula 1 champion, it was renamed after his death after an air current that is found in the Andes. It is true to the Pagani motto "Una Macchina con Anima -a car with a soul". More than just another luxury car, rent a Zonda to enjoy its high end finish, unique technological and design innovations and deadly speed.

Since the first Zonda C12, that featured a 6.0-liter V-12 engine from Mercedes AMG with an output of 389 horsepower, it has been developed considerably over the years with each new variation that was released. Originally a berlinetta, a roadster version was produced as well as roadster versions of the Zonda F and Cinque. The Zonda F introduced an improved construction of the body, which increased safety while improving power/weight ratio, while Cinque integrated in its monocoque carbon titanium fiber (Carbotanium) a patented composite developed by the Pagani research division, Modena Design. The Zonda R, the street legal version of the Cinque, received much attention for breaking a new record of 6:47 at Nürburgring, overtaking Ferrari.

The latest Zonda, the Zonda Revolución incorporates the various improvements of previous versions, such as the carbon titanium body, taking them one step further.

Europe Rental Locations

A car that awakens every nerve ending in your body, the Zonda Revolucion car rental is the perfect car to drive around Europe’s fascinating metropolises. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, book your rent a car with Europe Luxury Car Hire, the best car rental company around and let us worry about the details, like how or when to get your car rental delivered. We can provide you with this supercar at any airport in Italy, Switzerland, or anywhere in between. We can also deliver it to your hotel in France, whether in Paris, Cannes or Nice. Want a one way rental? no problem. We can accommodate a pick up in say Berlin or Munich in Germany, and return in Madrid or Barcelona in Spain.

Pagani info

Pagani manufactures two of the most advanced and exclusive supercars in the world, the Zonda and Huayra. The Zonda C12 was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999 and immediately caused a sensation. Inspired by fighter-jet design, the Zonda utilizes customized Mercedes-Benz V-12 DOHC engines. Its versions include the 2003 Zonda S 7.3 Roadster and the 2009 limited edition Zonda Cinque. The Huayra was first presented at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and is even faster and more powerful. Setting an unbeatable BBC Top Gear record for a lap time of 1 min 13.8s around its track, the Huayra is as luxurious as it is fast. With a one million pound price tag, the Huayra is so special that Pagani claims it's not just a supercar but a hypercar- belonging to a class of its own.


Pagani Automobili was founded in 1992 in Modena by Pagani, a previous Chief Engineer for Lamborghini, who collaborated in the design of the Diablo. Having taken part with breaking new ground in the development of composite materials, Pagani left Lamborghini to pursue his dream of building the perfect supercar. Pagani is unique amongst car manufacturers by producing its own patented "carbon-titanium fiber" for the bodies of its recent models. A true labor of love, Pagani supercars are the result of founder Horacio Pagani’s expertise and unique vision, ensuring each car is an extraordinary work of art.

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