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By Nicole Harris

Most of the time our dreams don’t come true, however Europe Luxury Car Hire is there to make your dream a reality. Our luxury car rental service leases the Bugatti making it available for hire in Berlin - for as long as it takes to have your dream satisfied.

We have a range of Bugatti models available for rent, including the Veyron and the Veyron Super Sport roadster. The limited edition Veyron Grand Sport and Veyron Super Sport are fitted with 1200 horsepower W16 engines making them as fast as they are rare. With its iconoclast looks this is the car for an individual, the person who has made their own unique successful journey. These gems come at a 2.5-3.5 million dollar price tag, making them normally inaccessible - until now.

The speed of the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse 16.4 is distinct. Currently the fastest production car in the world, achieving an unparalleled 408 km/h, this is a driving experience only ever seen by the world’s greatest. Within the city of Berlin, the heartland of Europe’s finest culture and sophistication, you need a car that can reflect this atmosphere. Hiring a Bugatti Veyron in Berlin will do just that. Coast along the boulevard of Kurfürstendamm to enjoy its boutique shopping.

Hit the highways in the Bugatti Vitesse that lead to Potsdam, Dresden or Beeskow and view the palaces and ancient castles that are still standing in these surrounding towns. You owe it to yourself to make a dream come true - at least once. Rent a Bugatti in Berlin today, and sleep soundly tonight.

Bugatti Rental in Berlin, Germany

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