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Rent Jeep cars in Cinque Terre, Italy

By Nicole Harris

Day trip from Pisa to La Spezia in the Cinque Terre Region

The Cinque Terre region is unique in the world. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, this collection of five fishing villages hang perilously on the towering cliffs overlooking the ocean. Quaint brightly coloured buildings with hanging balconies vie for space. Flower pots filled with red, yellow, purple and pink blooms spill over the wrought iron balcony ledges. Down at the water, fishing boats come and go.This dramatic setting is a leisurely two hour drive from Pisa and must be on your bucket list. Your drive takes you through the seaside town of Forte dei Marmi and fabulous port city of La Spezia. Plan a day trip and soak up the unique ambience of northern Italy. 

Rent a sensational Ferrari 812 Superfast

With top speeds of 340km/h and an acceleration time of 2.9 seconds from 0 to 100km/h, the Ferrari 812 Superfast will give you the adrenaline rush you want. Renting an exotic car adds the final touch to your luxury car trip in Italy. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is a front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive grand tourer, successor to the Ferrari F12berlinetta. If you desire blistering speed, exceptional looks and the thrill of an exotic brand, this is your model.

Create a buzz when you take delivery of your car

Showing off is all part of driving a high-class supercar. We can deliver your dream model to any location you choose. Do you want to be seen stepping into your car outside your hotel, at a fancy restaurant or popular tourist spot? Let us know and we will accommodate! With our 5-star service, you never have to come looking for us, stand in queues or bother with paperwork. Our Meet and Greet team will deliver your model to a location that suits you, hand over the keys and you are set. Remember that you can call us at any time while on your road trip if you have any questions.

Explore Pisa and its famous landmarks

Exploring Pisa is the start of your adventure and the Leaning Tower is the first landmark to visit. Construction on this 56m tall bell tower began in the 12th century when the lean started due to soft ground on one side. Today it leans at an angle of four degrees and is an astounding sight. Your next stop is the lovely petite Church of Santa Maria della Spina. It was built in the 1200’s and has a classic Gothic exterior with a stunning façade. Inside you can admire the exquisite painted ceiling and many rare statues.

Drive to Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi

Set off north along the SS1 to Viareggio, a drive of about half an hour. Viareggio is a glamorous seaside resort, known for its art deco architecture and scenic long promenade, the Passeggiata Margherita. Stop for a stroll and then drive on to Forte dei Marmi, another lovely seaside town in Tuscany. It has fabulous beaches and a long pier known as the Pontile which offers views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the city. Walk around and enjoy the sculptures that stand in the town centre. Snap some pictures of the marble Monumento ai Caduti War Memorial.

Lunch is at the iconic Maito, a rustic style seafood restaurant with a beautiful garden. Try the ‘spaghetti orto-mare’ paired with a glass of Tuscany wine.

After lunch, show off your Ferrari 812 Superfast as you drive along the famous ocean road. Park it in a prominent place for all to admire and take a stroll along the promenade, filled with brand name boutique stores. If it is a Wednesday – drive to the downtown Piazza Donatori degli Organi where you will find a vibrant street market selling fresh produce and handcrafted souvenirs.

La Spezia is your next stop

The next leg of your road trip is under an hour, along the scenic A12 to La Spezia, a famous Port city known for its harbour where luxury cruise ships dock. It has a rich maritime history and a visit to the 1800s maritime arsenal and the Technical Naval Museum makes a fascinating stop. See the amazing ship models, diving suits, control panels from battle ships and navigational instruments.

Drive along the cliffs of Cinque Terre

Continue north and soon you will be awed by the sight of the dramatic landscape of Cinque Terre - a plethora of brightly coloured quaint houses nestling perilously on the cliffside, overlooking the ocean. Drive back to Pisa for your stay at the Rosso di Sera Tuscany. It is located in a 19th century Art Nouveau villa and features a delightful romantic hot tub in your private garden. 

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