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Rent Mini cars in Modena-Maranello

By moshe

Drop the top of your Ferrari 488 Spider and enjoy a fabulous road trip through northern Italy. This region of the world is a car lover’s paradise, home to Lamborghini, Ferrari and Ducati.

Step off your plane in Genoa – an ancient port city filled with history, arts and culture. Relax in the VIP lounge of Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport and enjoy an espresso and a pastry. Our Meet and Greet Team will find you there and hand you the keys to your stylish Ferrari 488 Spider. It will waiting and ready, just as you imagined it when planning your luxury vacation.

Your road trip from Genoa will take you on a relaxed three hour drive, through Parma to Maranello, the heart of the Italian Motor Valley.

Enjoy your stylish Ferrari 488 Spider

The Ferrari 488 Spider offers 2-doors and seating for 2 people. It is powered by a mid-engined 3.9-Litre V8 engine that reaches top speeds of 327km/h. The transmission is an automated manual dual-clutch 7-speed F1 gearbox. Sprint from 0 to 100km/h in just 3 seconds and feel the thrill of the race-track car on the open road. This beauty is the car of your dreams.

The driver will be thrilled by the Manettino dial on the steering wheel and your passenger will bask in luxurious leather seating with Climate Control. Drop the top in 14 seconds and hear the high-pitch scream of the V8 engine. Drive Modes start in a slow Bumpy Road Mode and ramp up to Race Mode – where the adrenaline rush kicks in.

Visit the Via Garibaldi in Genoa

After settling into your luxurious room at the exclusive Hotel Meliá Genova, your first attraction to explore is the Via Garibaldi, an historic street lined with with palatial residences. This famous street is listed as a UNESCO heritage site and is known for its opulent 16th century residences, museums and Renaissance palaces. Then drive to the Lighthouse of Genoa, a 76m tall lighthouse that is a city icon. This
massive stone tower has military fortifications, a museum and stems from the Medieval era. Stop for a treat at Mangini, an 1867 salon-style coffee shop where you can enjoy a cappuccino and a scrumptious slice of crostata pinoli - a pine nut and almond paste tart.

Drive to Parma along the scenic A21

Drop the top of your seductive Ferrari 488 Spider, put on your designer shades and head out of Genoa on the A21 towards Parma. The trip is a distance of around 210km and will take about two and half hours. Parma is world renowned for its Parma Ham and Parmesan Cheese.

Visit the Parma Cathedral, considered one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Italy and is known for its fabulous interior frescos. Your next stop is the Piazza Garibaldi, a charming square filled with shops, cafés and restaurants. The square is surrounded by the Comune Di parma, the beautiful Palazzo del Governatore and the Church of Saint Paul the Apostle.

History lovers must not miss the Museo archeologico Nazionale di Parma. It hosts an awe-inspiring collection of ancient artefacts and relics dating back to the 1700’s. See the massive head of the Greek God Zeus and a rare collection of Greek vases and pottery.

Continue to Maranello and the Ferrari Museum

As you are driving a Ferrari, it will be treat to visit the original world famous Ferrari Museum in Maranello. The drive from Parma is a short trip of one hour. Stop at the Ferrari Museum and join a guided tour.
The ‘Under the Skin’ exhibition illustrates the story of Ferrari’s engineering development through its history. The ‘Rosso Infinito’ exhibition celebrates the Prancing Horse’s 70-year story with some of the most exclusive track and road cars to emerge from Maranello over the decades. Ferrari fans will be in motorcar heaven.

This region is renowned for its balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano. Join a tour at a local farm and learn how these products are made. Enjoy a tasting while chatting to new found friends.

Drive back to Modena and enjoy more Ferrari fun. At the Enzo Ferrari Museum you will follow the steps of this famous man’s life. Visit the
former workshop of Enzo Ferrari’s father which has been meticulously restored. If you are up to it - you can even do a few laps in a genuine F1 race-track model.

Spend the night in Modena

Enjoy a night at the stylish Locanda del Feudo, a traditional house filled with romance and rustic charm. The large suites have high ceilings, wooden beams and elegant furnishings. The dining room features a traditional restaurant and extensive wine cellar. Drive back to Genoa in the morning in your classy Ferrari 488 Spider.

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