Rent Aston Martin in Fuengirola, Spain

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Rent Aston Martin cars in Fuengirola, Spain

By Brittany Nue

One of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol in the Andalusia region of Southern Spain is Fuengirola.  Easily accessible by road and only 25km from Malaga International Airport, hiring one of our Aston Martin is the best way to arrive in Fuengirola. Previously, a tiny fishing village, Fuengirola is a thriving resort with an exclusive feel.  A wealth of up-market tapas bars and fine restaurants, interspersed with chic boutiques, as well as fabulous beaches makes this an ideal luxury vacation destination.

One of Fuengirola’s main attractions is its beautiful seven kilometres of sandy beaches, stretching from Sohail Castle to the west and Torreblanca to the east, and there is nothing better than cruising along this glorious coastline in a Aston Martin.  For a vacation of ultimate style and comfort, rent one of our Feuengirola Aston Martin or relax with our VIP concierge services.

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