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Fresh air means driving with the top down

By Nicole Harris

Lugano, located in southern Switzerland, in the Italian-speaking region of Ticino is all about nature and the outdoors. Enjoy the fresh air when you drop the top of your cabriolet rental in Lugano.

Get to know the city by driving your Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio or the Aston Martin DB9 Volante around, or take a tour of Lugano aboard the train "La freccia rossa" (the red arrow) which allows you to discover the beauty of the city.

Pack your golf clubs in the trunk of your Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster rental and play a round of golf at Golf Club Lugano, an 18 hole course situated in an unbelievably beautiful landscape. After a morning in the sun, relax and enjoy lunch al-fresco at Villa Sassa, a lakeside restaurant offering light and tasty Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

Make this a perfect stay by parking your BMW M6 for the night and enjoying a good night’s sleep at the Hotel Splendide Royal Lugano. A palace from the late 19th century with a location that offers views of the beautiful landscape, directly on Lake Ceresio and the tradition of hospitality of the grand hotels.

A relaxing and formidable stay needs to be matched with one of our luxury cabriolet rentals in Lugano.

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