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seaplane flight over Abu Dhabi

By Nicole Harris

Park your high-performance Mercedes where all can see it and hop on a seaplane for a breath-taking flight over Abu Dhabi.

Hire a Mercedes at Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH) to visit Abu Dhabi and its surroundings in the utmost comfort.

Looking for a full-size luxury sedan to add a touch of class to your holiday? Drive our Mercedes S600 Sedan. Large, spacious with a hand-crafted cabin, you will delight in the superior quality of this vehicle. The iconic philosophy of One Man, One Engine, lives in our Mercedes SLK55 AMG Roadster. This prestigious hand-built car is designed to raise your heart rate with its thrilling speed, superb comfort and stunning looks.

An aerial view of Abu Dhabi will enchant those with a head for heights. See panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, fly over the Ferrari World theme park, the Emirates Palace and the Zayed Bridge. Admire the beautiful people on Corniche Beach and then get a bird's eye view of Nurai Island and the mangrove forests. When you touch down, fly off in your swanky Mercedes to the fabulous Agadir Restaurant for an Arabic treat.

To optimize your visit in the UAE, rent a Mercedes at Dubai Airport (مطار دبي الدولي‎) or at Abu Dhabi Airport at any time of the year.

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