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Stay in the most opulent hotels

By Scott Jawns

Abu Dhabi offers the world's most highly-priced and exclusive hotels. Hire a Cabriolet in Abu Dhabi and make your mark with the jet setters.

Epic Drive with a Ferrari Cabriolet

If you intend to make a statement, our Ferrari Portofino offers a two seater experience with long slim lines, beautiful style and an epic drive. Don't be shy, drive a car that will get you noticed.

Sail on the breeze in a fun and top-down mid-engined two-seater roadster, our Porsche Boxster. Powerful, sleek and sensuous, this car is built to delight.





Grand Opulence at the Hotels

Don’t expect anything ordinary when you visit Abu Dhabi. The hotels in this city cater for everything you need and more! Whether you are looking for something close to the airport, near the shopping hot spots, or somewhere to relax next to a sparkling pool, the hotels give new meaning to the word, luxury. Experience opulent and grand accommodation with high ceilings and temperature controlled pools. Be spoilt with excellent service and your own private butler. Marvel at the opulence of gold and marble around every corner. Fast Wifi, great cuisine and spacious rooms are the norm in this city of extravagance.
Feel the exhilaration of discovering a new and exciting city. Convertible rental in Abu Dhabi offers a superior choice of luxurious cars.

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