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the ancient Qasr al-hosn, Abu Dhabi

By Ethan Hews

Visit the symbolic birthplace of Abu Dhabi, the ancient Qasr Al-Hosn, rent a high-class Maserati for the trip.
Maserati rental Abu Dhabi is for the blue-chip traveller.

Feel the power a Maserati Quattroporte

Born for the racetrack, but tamed for the city roads, our Maserati Granturismo will delight with its unparalleled elegance of aerodynamics and style. The harmony of its chic lines will blend perfectly with the amazing architecture of Abu Dhabi. Feel the power of a high-end Maserati Quattroporte under your hands. Unparalleled elegance and aesthetic touches add dashing poise to this four door luxury sports saloon.
Another alternative is to rent a Maserati Levante, an imposing and elegant SUV dotted with the power of a supercar.

Visit the ancient Qasr Al-Hosn

Historians will be thrilled to stand at the symbolic birthplace of Abu Dhabi. The ancient Qasr Al-Hosn was the Emirate’s first permanent structure and is also known as the White Fort as it was painted bright white during the 1976-1983 renovations. It was originally built as a watchtower in 1761 to defend the only fresh water well in Abu Dhabi. Natural coral and sea-stone was used for the construction. In 1793, the tower was expanded into a small fort and became the home of the ruling Sheikh. Visit the museum which offers fabulous collections depicting the history of Abu Dhabi and the Gulf.
Hire a Maserati in Abu Dhabi for a lavish, whirlwind weekend get-away.

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