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Visit Liwa Oasis aboard a Mercedes

By Ethan Hews

Liwa Oasis is a few hours drive from Abu Dhabi. Visit this natural wonder in your rental Mercedes.
Set the scene for a trip to the Liwa Oasis, rent a Mercedes in Abu Dhabi.

Drive an high-end Mercedes SUV

For a luxury sedan that delivers power, performance and safety in timeless style, consider our Mercedes S550 Sedan. For an SUV drive with a difference, our Mercedes GLS SUV is a masterpiece. This high-end luxury SUV can take off-road strain with its three lockable differentials. It also makes a perfect relaxed on-road drive too.



Traditional Bedouin Villages

This area is filled with traditional Bedouin villages that will delight the explorer. It is also the historical home of the leaders of the Abu Dhabi emirate, the Nahyan family. Visit date farms and find out how this exotic fruit is harvested and take part in the Liwa Date Festival. The fit can go dune-bashing on the large dunes surrounding the area. Join a safari and experience the desert in all its glory. Spend a night in a tent under the stars before setting off back to your 5-star accommodation.
Abu Dhabi Mercedes rental adds the final touch to your perfect holiday. We have packages to suit all your specific requirements.

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