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Beat the heat, go for an ocean swim

By Scott Jawns

Abu Dhabi has summer all year round and its beaches are a stunning way to cool off from the desert heat.
Cruise to the beaches in style, rent a Sports car in Abu Dhabi for the trip.

Create a Stir with a BMW i8

If you desire the Maserati name in a four-door luxury saloon, our Maserati Quattroporte is the ultimate option. The smooth, powerful drive while swathed in luxurious comfort will take your breath away. For a classy sports car option, rent our BMW i8 and create a stir. Offering the emission values and consumption of a compact car, you will be thrilled with its superior road handling.


Enjoy Lunch on the Beach

A day on the beach has never been so much fun and so diverse as in this stunning city. From the private Hiltonia Beach Club to the public Al Bateen Beach, the coastline of Abu Dhabi is vast and beautiful. Take a picnic basket and enjoy lunch on the beach. The sea is sparkling blue and calm, hidden coves and wide open pristine white sands await. Relax on the luxury hotel’s beachfront facilities and be served cocktails while watching the sun set over the picturesque horizon.
Get the adrenaline rush you deserve on a luxury holiday. Sports car rental in Abu Dhabi offers a fabulous choice of high-end cars.

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