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the amazing al-Bidya mosque

By Brittany Nue

Historians must visit the oldest existant Mosque in the UAE, it is located in a small village in the Emirate of Fujairah.

Hire a Cabriolet in UAE and travel to Fujairah to see the Mosque.

Luxurious Open-Motoring

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A day trip to Al-Bidya Mosque

The country's oldest venue of worship, Al-Bidya Mosque on the rugged coastline, is so old that its history has been totally forgotten. Being the centre of spiritual life for many generations, Al-Bidya was built in 1446. Historians will love this small structure, only 53 sqm, built from materials taken from the surrounding region. The roof has four squat helical domes, supported by one central pillar, that forms the ceiling. The prayer hall has a small mihrab and a small pulpit and beautifully decorated windows allow the light to enter the mosque. See ancient copies of the Quran that are stored here.

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