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Splice the air in an Aston Martin

By Scott Jawns

Highly seductive, sophisticated and sensual rent an Aston Martin in Dubai to travel into the cultural depth’s of this exotic heart land. The Al Fahidi District has retained much of its old world character and charm as one of Dubai’s original neighbourhoods. Characterised by many ancient arabian artistry and architectural features it is a thoroughly captivating drive in which to lose yourself.

For an exceptionally rare treat hire the Aston Martin Lagonda, the AM model designed specifically to the tastes of its middle eastern appreciators. This powerful sedan with a highly sophisticated exterior that dentes an authoritarian composure, has an exceptionally sensual interior comprised of expensive quality fabrics. As you drive the Lagonda rental into the Al Fahidi district take in the shop fronts of the 19th century textile and pearl traders, the initial forbearers of wealth into this middle eastern district. Cruise the Lagonda through the labyrinth of alleyways lined with the coral-clad houses of merchants, art galleries and restaurants offering many of the traditional favourites.

Rent the Aston Martin Vanquish to drive the ultimate grand tourer along the banks of the Dubai creek. The Al Fahidi district lines along the eastern banks of the creek, giving fantastic views of the ancient city by the riverbed. For the sense of adventure of just for the fun of mixing the ancient with the hyper modern hire the DB9 Volante to cascade your way into the district’s center. See the tall wind towers an ancient architectural masterpiece that cleverly funnelled cool air into houses, and be swept into another time where traditions and folklore and still lovingly crafted.

The Aston Martin rental in Dubai (دبي‎) splices the air with a mix of the new in a world long ago.

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