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Calling all daredevils

By Scott Jawns

With year-round sunshine, professional-grade shopping and world-class cuisine, you might be tempted to spend your days in Dubai sprawled on a lounge chair at Club Mina, your afternoons stocking up on designer clothes at the Dubai Mall and your evenings dancing at Crystal. However, Dubai offers a tempting array of adrenaline-packed adventures for the daredevil in you.

Start your octane-bursting activities by making your way around Dubai in a Prestige car rental, like the incredibly fast Lamborghini Superleggera, the fastest Gallardo on the road, or the high-performance Lexus LFA. Then get the party started and launch yourself from the ledge of one of Big Red’s sandy mounds aboard the all-terrain Range Rover Autobiography. Let its rugged exterior conquer the sand dunes as you sit comfortably in this 4X4 ‘s luxurious leather interior. Or if you are up for some tumbling, strap yourself up to a sandboard and hurtle down the dunes before letting your sore muscles relax as you watch the stunning desert sunset.

In the middle of the smoldering Arabian Desert sit 6000 tons of fresh white snow and a 400m slope that will have you believe you are in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Ski Dubai is the largest man-made ski slope on the world and a fun place to cool off.

Quench your thirst for speed wakeboarding or skiing in the Persian Gulf or dart down a series of ancient Middle Eastern-themed rapids, waterslides and doom-impending water rides at Aquaventure at Atlantis The Palm.

Let your adrenaline do the talking and drive around the extreme-adventure attractions of Dubai (دبي‎) in a Prestige car hire for a tingling sensation that won’t wear off even after you return home.

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