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Alive in Dubai

By Ethan Hews

Dubai is not quiet hideaway town, found off the beaten track, where people go to watch the daffodils grow. In huge contrast, Dubai is a whirlpool of colours, sounds and activity, where visitors flock from across the world to be entertained throughout the day and night. Rent a sports car in Dubai to arrive at its many festivals that colour the calendar year, like a Monet on a canvas sheet.

Book a Mercedes AMG GT Roadster

Hire the Mercedes AMG GT Roadster to drive a 2 seater cabrio sportscar, that whilst it looks good, isn’t just about appearances, but splits the air with unparalleled force and precision. Perhaps consider the Porsche Panamera for a 4 seater that delivers an aggressively exciting growl on the push of its acceleration. Either of these sports cars are perfect for attending the Dubai Motor Festival, where the city’s love for all things motoring is brought to the fore. From vintage classics, supercars, racing cars to the world’s most prestigious luxury models, this is the dream car festival like no other.

A Family Trip to the Modhesh World

Rent the 4WD Porsche Cayenne the strong and powerful build of this Supercar in no way compromises the luxury comfort experienced in its seating compartment. The Porsche Cayenne rental is the perfect car to attend the Modhesh World a family friendly edutainment festival held annually around July and August in the Dubai World Trade Center. The perfect event to inspire curiosity of the world around us whilst smiling, laughing and thoroughly spell bound.

Hire a Sports car in Dubai to travel through the pumping heart beat of this highly alive city.

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