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Diamonds in the Sand

By Scott Jawns

As the most modern and dynamic country in the Persian Gulf, the UAE lends itself as the ideal gateway for your travels into the far east. Filled with sky rise buildings, super fast freeways, and every modern convenience, western travelers feel quickly comfortable in this middle east environment that makes no attempt to hide its fascinating and unique cultural heritage. Rent an Exotic car in the UAE and race to the heights of luxury in this fantastic destination.

Our exotic car offerings in the UAE are as exciting and they are enticing. Consider the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder as just one example of the premium exotic cars that we have available. As the most popular Lamborghini convertible, it is a true supercar in every sense of the word from its looks, sound to the exquisite feel of luxury. In similar fashion, the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider manages to steal a sense of wonder and imagination. With a mighty 4.5L V8 engine it offers an exceptional convertible driving experience. Alternatively live things up in the exotic Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabrio, a supercar, sports car and luxury cabrio all rolled into one !

The United Arab Emirates offers itself as a spectacular holiday destination, its shopping malls glitter and sparkle as they showcase highly luxurious items and fashion specimens still hot from the catwalk, filled with virtually any of the best products that are available in the West. Yet well off the beaten tourist track the UAE doesn’t stop to fascinate along routes that take you into remote and magnificent desert dunes, that sit untouched by the ravages of time on the edge of the Empty Quarter.

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