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the icy chill-out lounge in Dubai

By Nicole Harris

Have a cool experience in a bar made from ice! Rent a prestige vehicle in the UAE and visit this trendy venue.

For the ultimate expression of quality, executive car rental in UAE is the only option.

Experience our fabulous Porsche Cayenne. This vehicle offers a mid-size luxury crossover, ideal for a larger group. Spacious, with stylishly sporty contoured wings, it exudes joy on the open road. For another spacious exclusive SUV, our Mercedes GL-Class seating for seven passengers in three rows of seats. Experience the elegance, power and class that is iconically Mercedes.

Looking for a way out experience? The Chill-out Lounge in Dubai is it. The couches, chandeliers and even the glasses, are all made of ice. The café reaches about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and offers designer winter gear for you to keep warm, whilst the city outside is a staggering 95 degrees. The venue is adorned with all sorts of fabulous ice creations and is refrigerated 24 hours daily. Order an exotic cocktail and see how long you can stay before you head outside to thaw. This is icy luxury at its best.

Show off your classy taste in high-end cars, rent a prestige vehicle in UAE.

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