Bentley Bentayga Rental

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine6 L W12
  • BHP600
  • 0-100 km4.0 sec
  • Top speed300 km/h

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Bentley Bentayga info

Claiming the status rank of fastest SUV in the world, on no humble terms has the House of Bentley introduced the Bentayga. To be more precise the top speed recorded for the mid-size 4WD SUV is a highly impressive 300 km/h. This is achieved with its twin turbo 6.0 liter W12 engine that unleashes 600 hp and 664 lb- ft of torque. Power is shunted up the 8 speed automatic transmission that in the manner of a true 4WD, is channeled to the ground through each of the four wheels.

The cabin compartment has flexibility to seat either four or five passengers, each of which is upholstered in finest leather to comfortably cosset a handful of lucky posteriors. Don’t think the passengers are having all the fun though in this incredibly luxurious SUV, as the Bentayga is truly spectacular to drive. The front and rear suspensions are dampened with spectacular effect, even over acute speed bumps that would produce significant wheel displacement, the wheels gently compress and rebound to position.

Whatsmore the electric power steering feels substantial and performs well in being precise and direct. In similar fashion the acceleration and brakes are firm and deliberate, even when barreling down a steep and curvy stretch of road, you never even experience a hint of whimper and fading out.

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