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By Brittany Nue

Luxury is not just the contours of the things we surround ourselves with, or the value of possessions we own, luxury is a way of living, a state of mind. Live your luxury by getting the luxury car of your dreams. 

The Prestige of Bentley

Within our range of luxury vehicles, the Bentley may represent this concept foremost. Hire the Bentley Continental GT, the british luxury car dominates with its elitist attitude. The classic Bentley Mulsanne, combines historic charm with all the modern luxury features. Regal and aristocratic, it captures the awe of bystanders.

Drive a BMW SUV

The luxury BMW, seems to be a particular favourite, perhaps due to the image of the BMW brand evoking the executive VIP. Yet, the image seldom fails to meet the expectations of its drivers.

The BMW X6 hire, combines the handling of a 4x4 SUV with the sporty design, high performance and smooth handling of a BMW coupé. In fact, BMW prides itself in acknowledging the X6 as the first Sports Activity Coupé.

Luxury 4x4 for Ski Holiday in Switzerland

A luxury SUV can be hired from Geneva (GVA), Zurich (ZRH) or Basel (BSL) Airports. Simply organise our ‘meet and greet’ service to pick up a luxury Jeep, Range Rover and BMW X-Class for an off road adventure to the most luxurious ski resorts.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, has all the robust power to climb the alpine regions, sun, hail, snow or shine. Yet, from our experience, it’s the internal luxury of the Jeep, that makes them a popular rental.

When pragmatic considerations fall short of inspiring the mood, hire a Switzerland luxury vehicle.

Mini Cooper Cabriolet or Mercedes S Class

Putting your prestige car in for a service? Make sure not to lose face amongst your stakeholders and employees in the interim period. A luxury car hire will allow you to keep up appearances while your own high profile car is getting oiled and tweaked. In Switzerland hire the Mini Cooper Cabriolet to buzz about the busy city districts of Geneva or Zurich or rent the Mercedes S Class to always maintain an image of good class or make that good impression that will seal the business deal by hiring the Lamborghini Huracán.

Frequent Questions

Can I rent a luxury car in Switzerland? 

If you are over 25 years of age and hold a valid driver's license, you can drive an iconic luxury car in Switzerland. We have a large choice of exclusive cars from all the great brand names including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Jaguar. Our Luxury Car Rental Switzerland Service will suggest the ideal model for your business trip, weekend get-away or family road trip. 

What does it cost to rent a luxury car in Switzerland? 

If you are travelling with a family or a group of friends, you will enjoy the spacious Audi Q5 with cutting-edge in-cabin comforts. This SUV model rents for around 250 Euros per day. Also highly recommended is the elegant Jaguar XE at a daily cost of around 230 Euros. 

Enjoy the best of in-city and country driving in the stunning Mercedes GLE. This SUV with a sporty coupé silhouette costs around 295 Euros per day. 

Looking for a show-off ride in Switzerland? Book the dynamic BMW M4 Coupe at around 380 Euros per day. Also in the unbeatable show-off zone is the Porsche Boxster, 2-door, 2-seater, perfect for a romantic rendezvous. Its rental costs around 400 Euros per day. 

For something really thrilling and different, we offer the Tesla Model S. This all-electric, five-door, luxury sedan costs around 450 Euros per day. 

Where can I rent a luxury car in Switzerland? 

Our unique Luxury Car Rental Service Switzerland gives you the choice of specifying a collection point anywhere in Switzerland that suits you. Our Meet and Greet Team can meet you at the Airport, at your seaside villa, a business conference venue or any other location you choose. Tell us where you will be and we will arrange to be there. 


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