Ferrari 458 Italia Rental

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine4.5 L V8
  • BHP570
  • 0-100 km3.4 sec
  • Top speed325 km/h

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Faisal Alsharqi
“Excellent Service"

I really liked the service and the car. I would love to deal with your company...

Debbie C
“The Experience was amazing"

Europe Luxury Cars were professional from the start, I received an email within five minutes of...

Richard Dermody
“Outstand, Excellent....Thank you"

I normally only deal with the luxury collections from the two 'major' car rental companies. However,...

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Ferrari 458 Italia info

Renting a Ferrari 458 Italia means dabbling with Formula-1-based technologies in a prestigious 2-seat beautiful Italian berlinetta, making an extremely sexy and sporty coupe. The Ferrari 458 Italia replaces the Ferrari F430 but stems from a completely new and refreshing design concept, with its most distinctive feature being deformable winglets in the front grille that lower at high speeds to reduce the supercar's drag. Former Ferrari Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher gave his input regarding the interior design of the Ferrari 458, inspiring a new steering wheel design which incorporates many controls that would otherwise be placed on the dashboard. The Italia also incorporates many technological advances such as double wishbone front suspension and a multi-link set-up at the rear, that together with F1-Trac traction control system gives the Ferrari 458 improved cornering and longitudinal acceleration by 32% over its predecessors. In simpler English this means that you will also look amazing and also have the drive of your life when you rent a Ferrari Italia.

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Ford GT is the perfect grand tourer for the perfect grand tour of Europe. Take advantage of our easy to use online car rental system, our competitive rental car rates and our dedicated service personnel, who are always eager to satisfy your every need. When it comes to luxury car rental service, we are your best choice. Pick up your Ford GT from any airport in Spain or Germany, or let us deliver it to the location of your choice, from the coast of Italy, to the top of the mountain in France’s ski resorts. With Europe Luxury Cars, the possibilities are endless.

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