Ferrari 812 Superfast Rental

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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine6.5 L V12
  • BHP789
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)2.9
  • Top speed339 km/h

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Ferrari 812 Superfast hire

By Brittany Robertson

Italian design is at its finest with the Ferrari 812 Superfast rental. This powerful supercar comes complete with sharp styling and modern design. It’s powered by a potent V12 engine, so there’s more than just beauty propelling this car forward. This opulent vehicle takes your breath away and causes others to notice you, no matter where you drive.

This two-passenger supercar features a 6.5-liter V12 that pumps out 789 horsepower. With this engine, it doesn’t take much effort for it to hit 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 339 km/h. Most people have never experienced a thrill quite as this car provides. Still, there’s more than the acceleration that this supercar offers. The sexy styling and perfectly engineered aerodynamic design takes this car to the next level. With everything combined, drivers receive an exhilarating, responsive driving experience. It’s more controlled and faster than its predecessor plus this car is equipped with 20-inch wheels, a dual-clutch seven-speed F1 automated manual transmission and active flaps on the front underbody.

It’s time to take your trip to new heights. Take a spirited drive to the country or spend time dropping jaws in the city. This Ferrari 812 Superfast for hire makes you feel like a VIP as you sit behind the wheel. Push down the accelerator and feel the rapid momentum that’s ready to impress you. Out on the open road, you can see what this car is made of. Allow the Italian beauty to make your next drive more memorable; you won’t regret a moment of it.

Europe Rental Locations

Hire a European Ferrari 812 Superfast in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, UK and Scotland, Portugal, UAE and more.

Ferrari info

A Ferrari rental is perhaps the ultimate exotic driving experience. Unless you're already a lucky owner of one, renting a Ferrari is a great way to test-drive these modern works of art. Ferraris are heavily associated with racing, due not only to their amazing speed but also because of their continual success in Formula One. Next time you're traveling in Europe and you feel the need for speed, try a Ferrari hire. Their unique style and sexy design has helped make them landmarks both in pop culture and in the automotive world. Ask Europe Luxury Car Hire about our Ferrari track days and other special deals such as a Lamborghini Plus Ferrari rental combo. Our Ferrari rental fleet includes the following models: Ferrari F430 F1 Spider, Ferrari 360 F1, Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio, Ferrari 458, Ferrari F430 F1 and more.
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