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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine6.3 V12
  • BHP707
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)3
  • Top speed350 km/h

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LaFerrari hire

By Ethan Hews

As one of the most coveted cars, the LaFerrari is a triumph of technology and design. This Berlinetta's dangerous curves give it the exotic sexy look that makes it impossible to ignore, while its capabilities leave its competition eating the dust.

Hire a LaFerrari to get the closest you can to a track car driving experience in a road car, and be the envy of every driver alive. The LaFerrari integrates a powerful V12 engine with an electric motor, using technology developed for Formula 1 racing cars that makes this the fastest Ferrari ever. The ‘mild hybrid’ LaFerrari employs regenerative braking which increases energy efficiency, and its 950 horsepower engine is calibrated to constantly push itself to its limit, so your driving will never lose its edge. The hybrid Hy-KERS engine system allows the driver a maximum of 9,250 rpm, ensuring a boosted output and recapturing energy during deceleration, while electronic systems such as ESC stability and E-Diff 3 ensure stability and control are never lost during high speed driving. The LaFerrari is fitted with a 7-speed Automatic gear, with manual mode.

LaFerrari is the first Ferrari to be designed completely in-house, in a collaboration between supercar designer Flavio Manzoni and Rory Byrne, the engineer and designer of the famed Scuderia F1 team. The LaFerrari's carbon fiber body is cast in the same molds as Ferrari's F1 cars, employing lightweight chassis components developed by the Millechili Project research team at the University of Modena. Active aerodynamic devices, both at its front - with guide vanes integrated into the underbody and flaps (wings) - and at its rear, generate downforce, which allows increased speed and control on corners, while LaFerrari’s low slung driver's seat and loud engine enhance the drivers’ "track car" experience.

Drive one of Ferrari’s outstanding achievements when you rent a La Ferrari from Europe Luxury Car Hire – there isn’t anything in the world quite like it!

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How do I rent a car in Europe? How much does it cost to rent a luxury car? Where can I rent a luxury car? Can I rent a La Ferrari in Germany and return it in France? These and any other questions can be answered by our capable team of car rental service agents, who are always eager and ready to help. Let our meet and greet service personnel deliver the keys of your LaFerrari rental at any airport in Italy or have your sports car delivered to the location of your choice anywhere in Spain, be it a hotel, a ski resort or a cabin in the woods.

Ferrari info

A Ferrari rental is perhaps the ultimate exotic driving experience. Unless you're already a lucky owner of one, renting a Ferrari is a great way to test-drive these modern works of art. Ferraris are heavily associated with racing, due not only to their amazing speed but also because of their continual success in Formula One. Next time you're traveling in Europe and you feel the need for speed, try a Ferrari hire. Their unique style and sexy design has helped make them landmarks both in pop culture and in the automotive world. Ask Europe Luxury Car Hire about our Ferrari track days and other special deals such as a Lamborghini Plus Ferrari rental combo. Our Ferrari rental fleet includes the following models: Ferrari F430 F1 Spider, Ferrari 360 F1, Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio, Ferrari 458, Ferrari F430 F1 and more.
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