Porsche Taycan Rental

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine2 Electric Motors
  • BHP429
  • 0-100 km3.8 sec
  • Top speed249 km/h

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Porsche Taycan info

Porsche has just revealed its first all-new electric Taycan Porsche, earlier called Porsche Mission E. This four-door sports sedan, a luxury four seater is all you need to ride in style with a comfortable yet classy electric vehicle. The Taycan comes with aerodynamically optimized 19-inch Aero wheels. You will also notice that the front apron has new geometry and a rear diffuser.

This EV sports car still has the performance we have come to expect from Porsche, and comes with a lithium-ion battery pack the standard 79.2kWh unit with a range of 407 km or if you’re looking for more juice, the 93.4kWh unit for a range of 463 km. The charging is very fast and takes only 22 minutes. With a Porsche Taycan Rental, you are guaranteed high performance as it always turns up impressive performance numbers. The Taycan hits a top speed of 249 km/h and gets to 100 km/h in just 4 seconds. That’s some speed considering that it is electrically powered. If you are looking for even more performance, you may choose the Turbo or Turbo S Versions, which have a lot of upgraded features.

The Porsche Taycan comes with two PSM permanently excited motors as well as a standard all-wheel drive. The motors are set on each axle. On the rear axle, we have a two-speed transmission and standard Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), which possesses air suspension. It has five driving modes: Sport, Sport Plus, Normal, Overdrive, Range + a customized individual mode set by the driver according to driving preferences.

Going to the interior, you can’t help but be amazed at the classy finishing. You will enjoy the eight-way adjustable seats, interior lighting for extra ambiance, air curtains, and a 16.8-inch curved display. You can also go for the leather-free interior trim, which is done with only recycled materials. The Taycan is perfect for all those who care about global warming, hate gas and love class. If you have heard of global warming and how regular cars with diesel or petrol engines contribute to this phenomenon, and you are looking to add to saving the planet, renting a Porsche Taycan might just be the answer.

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