Land Rover Discovery Rental

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine5.0 L V8
  • BHP375
  • 0-100 km7.5 sec
  • Top speed121 km/h

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€295/Per Day

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Debbie C
“The Experience was amazing"

Europe Luxury Cars were professional from the start, I received an email within five minutes of...

Faisal Alsharqi
“Excellent Service"

I really liked the service and the car. I would love to deal with your company...

Richard Dermody
“Outstand, Excellent....Thank you"

I normally only deal with the luxury collections from the two 'major' car rental companies. However,...

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Land Rover Discovery info

Though currently in its 4th generation, the Land Rover Discovery LR4 hasn't changed much visually since the late 80's. Hire a Land Rover Discovery if you're looking for a solid, reliable mid-size SUV with commanding road presence and strong 4x4 capabilities. Though the design isn't the most elegant, and it lacks the luxury facade of its stylish sister the Range Rover, a Land Rover Discovery rental still maintains its supremacy over similar Japanese off-roaders in looks, prestige and performance. Land Rover rentals are perfect for family vacations, and the Discovery 4 is no exception. Its 4WD capabilities can easily handle tough dessert terrains such as those found in the UAE just as well as it handles the snowy mountains or sunny beaches of Europe. If you want to rent a Land Rover Discovery you should book early no matter the season, since Land Rovers are popular rentals all year round.

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Car rental is not just about getting a rent a car at the airport, but about receiving the best car rental service you deserve. Hire the Land Rover Discovery and let our ‘meet and greet’ service deliver you the keys at the airport in Spain, or let us bring you the car to your hotel in Italy for added convenience. Don’t feel like driving yourself? hire any of our luxury rentals with chauffeur service and experience luxury to the fullest while travelling to France. Book your car online and get ready for your vacation in Germany resting assured you will get the best car hire, at the best car rental rate.

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